“HappyOrNot” surveys in Canarian airport

Canary Islands airports have installed almost 30 devices to collect information  measuring the perception and happiness of passengers and users regarding the quality of the services on offer. Devices with 4 coloured buttons, ranging from green-to-red, have been installed at the security checkpoint, luggage area and at toilets, where passengers can record their satisfaction level by simply pressing one of the buttons.

The results of these interactive surveys are meant to contribute first-hand knowledge of the needs of users. In this way, it will be possible to identify and modify those aspects that affect the quality of the services that are offered to them day by day.

The system, which was already introduced in 2014 as a test in the security controls of Madrid and Barcelona airports, is being installed in 33 airports in the Aena network, with more than 500 devices in total. Perceived quality reports produced from these types of systems are a management tool that allows airports to decide on the actions to be carried out in the future, in order to guarantee the provision of a service that satisfies the needs and expectations of its users. Interactive surveys to measure the quality of services are also currently being used in other airports such as London-Heathrow, Rome-Fiumicino or Geneva, as well as in large commercial areas.