Grand Lady of Las Palmas Carnival 2017

At every Carnival a Grand Lady is elected and honoured as the elegant face of maturity for that year’s celebrations.  This year’s winner was Mary Hernandez Rodríguez, who’s costume was sponsored by Disoft Informática and Gil Technical Service, crowned on Sunday night, February 12, as Grand Lady of the Carnival of Eternal Spring.

She walked the stage in a design entitled What mystery will there be? A work from Juan Francisco Sánchez Padrón and Melody Sánchez Guarda and created with the collaboration of the Association Santa Rita de Casia de Marzagán.

Ten candidates for the Great Lady of Carnival graced the stage for the premiere show of Eternal Spring, in an event presented by Roberto Kamphoff and Rebeca Paniagua, and sponsored by BNI Las Palmas (Business Network International).

The stormy weather that passed over the island this weekend, offered a truce on Sunday afternoon and the contestants for the crown were able to promenade without any setbacks before a capacity crowd at the Parque Santa Catalina in the capital.

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