Circo Alegria’s ‘Water Circus’ in Vecindario and Las Palmas

 Circo Alegria are back on Gran Canaria at the end of April and throughout May to finish their tour of their latest spectacle ‘Aqua circus‘ for the 2016-2017 season.

After 20 months travelling the Canary Islands, 2 incredible shows, 12 municipalities, 384 functions and over 210,000 spectators, this wonderful water circus will give their final shows at the Vecindario fairground and then in Las Palmas at the La Ballena Commercial Centre (Avda Escaleritas)

The show features a tank with 24,000 liters of water, transformed into a circus ring with more than 40 outstanding artists entertaining audiences with amazing show numbers including aerial hoop, roller skates, laser man, flying trapeze, jet skiing, aerial, magic and, of course clowns.

Vecindario 28.4. – 1.5

   Las Palmas 12.5 – 30.5.

Tickets are available via the Internet and in some of the categories you can also choose your seats.

‘Water Circus’ is a new challenge for the world of performing arts, combining human talent, music, special lighting effects and water fountains that dance to musical notes. Perfect to visit with the family!

The show brings together a whole host of pirates, mermaids, sharks and fish into a world of fantasy together with water as one of the essential elements of life. This tribute to water, transmits a message of environmental awareness, so the water used for the show runs in a closed circuit and with treatments, replacement is not necessary.

The show tells the story of a shipwreck that occurred in the late eighteenth century in international waters. The crew of a pirate ship is involved in a huge storm. After struggling against all odds to save the ship they fail to do so and are left unprotected in the middle of the sea. They reach an island populated by circus performers. There they are cursed and enchanted by the amazing tricks and skill of the island’s inhabitants. Soon all become friends and understand the value of friendship and teamwork. Do the pirates also become circus performers?  Almost certainly…!

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