€294,000 for Tiritaña tunnel lighting

 The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has awarded the tender to install lighting in the Tiritaña tunnel, on the old GC500 highway, from Maspalomas to Mogán, to Iberian Electrical Constructions for the amount of €294,000, the island Minister of Public Works, Services and Infrastructures, Ángel Víctor Torres, reported this week.

The new lighting project, for the bidirectional,106 meter meter long tunnel, includes permanent central lighting inside using 18 LED lights. 74 more sodium vapor lamps will be installed at the entrance and exit to the tunnel, using 36 kilowatts of electricity in total.

Torres emphasised that the new lighting will provide greater safety within the tunnel, which is currently very dark because it is drilled through the rock. “We are responding to an old complaint from road users to improve the safety of the route” he added.

It is a complex project due to the isolation of the area. “We have to make a channel of 1,300 meters down the road to take the electrical installation from the previous tunnel at Los Frailes,” Torres said.

Torres added “The Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructures have already undertaken lighting two other tunnels, Cañadas del Canario and Los Frailes, so that, once this work is finished, all the tunnels on the GC-500 will be included in the completed work”