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Events: Reyes de Magos “The Three King’s” on Gran Canaria

This is the most magical time of the year for Spanish kids. The tradition here is that Los Reyes Magos, known as the Three Wise Men or the Three Kings in English, are actually the ones who bring children their gifts on the Day of the Epiphany, which is the 6th of January. This is the day when Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar bring their gifts. They arrive in a bewildering number of ways, some by boat, by air, by camel, by parachute, by helicopter, by bike and Street Parades in every major town commemorate the arrival of these wise men from...

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Gran Canaria’s main animal shelter to have a veterinary training centre in 2018

Gran Canaria Cabildo’s Insular Animal shelter will, from the first quarter of 2018, include a veterinarian education centre, newly created in collaboration with the island’s official College of Veterinarians de Las Palmas and the University of Las Palmas. The creation of this centre is one of the progressive novelties presented by the Cabildo for the continuing improvement of the management of abandoned animals on Gran Canaria coinciding with the first year following the management change at the shelter, derived from a significant change of model, which has seen reported decline in the number of animals being euthanised on the...

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GC-500 road between Arguineguín and Patalavaca open again

Mogán Council have announced the opening, “one week ahead of schedule” of the GC-500 road between Arguineguín and Patalavaca. Use by pedestrian remains closed, while they await final reinforcement and renovation of the pedestrian promenade attached to the coastal to be  completed, however vehicles can now travel in both directions at a speed limited to 30 kilometers per hour and taking into account the signalling that remains in place until the road is finished. Councilor for Works for Mogán, Ernesto Hernandez, stressed that “it has been possible to advance the opening by a week; thanks to good management and...

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The Canary Guide Weekend Tips 29-31 December 2017

It’s the New Year Weekend and Gran Canaria is also preparing for the main Three Kings celebrations. The last weekend of 2017 and there are many events to go and see, with markets and some fun, not forgetting the big celebrations on Sunday night. Bring some Spanish flavor to your party and remember to eat your 12 grapes at midnight!  Each one for luck… Celebrations for the New Year will of course be happening all across the island in bars and restaurants, with several fireworks displays, the biggest and most popular of which include Anfi Beach, The Faro de...

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Intercepted with €719,120 in two suitcases

Guardia Civil denounced a 45 year old foreigner last month suspected of the crime of money laundering after he was found to be carrying €719,120 euros in two suitcases at Gran Canaria airport, about to board a plane to Turkey. The incident took place on November 18, after a detachment of the Guardia Civil at the airport was alerted by security guards to an anomaly in a suitcase that was detected by the luggage inspection scanners. As a result of this, the money was discovered in the two suitcases and after locating the owner, answering to the initials M.A.D, they...

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