Air Europa cheap Canary Islands flights

air-europaAir Europa, the airline division of the Globalia tourism group, relaunch their “Minimax y vuela” campaign, a promotional offer that guarantees their flights will be for the lowest prices “with the highest quality products and services”, a move that will benefit anyone flying to or from the Canary Islands from mainland Spain.

In a press release, the Globalia group report that the promotion, valid from this Saturday, January 7, until January 14, for flights from this Saturday to June 21, is making customer flights available from as little as €29 one way, for a number of national and European destinations.

Specifically, the offer includes €29 euro flights from the peninsula or between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands; or 39 euros between the Canaries and the mainland.

Similarly, Air Europa is offering flights from €29 one way to various European destinations, and from €199 to the US and from €279 to several points in South America.

According to the press release, the airline has carried out important improvements in the last year to onboard services such as the installation of ‘Wifi’ and the incorporation of ecological and sustainable menus, which are served on transoceanic flights and in business class on European and national flights.