Air Europa announce that three of their five planned inter-island aircraft will be based in Gran Canaria

Air Europa will allocate five planes to their new inter-island service in the Canaries and three of them will be based in Gran Canaria, according to an announcement by Globalia officials, in a meeting with the president of the Gran Canaria Cabildo, Antonio Morales.

The island president, along with Tourism Minister Inés Jiménez, and Patronato de Turismo boss, Pablo Llinares, met with the Corporate Director of Globalia in the Canary Islands, Raquel Lucia, and the director of Globalia in Las Palmas, Santiago Sáez to advance commercial relations that started last year, when Morales met with the president of the airline group, José Hidalgo.

Inés Jiménez stressed the importance of the fact that three of the company’s five planes will be based on Gran Canaria, because they will be engaged in a large number of inter-island connections with the island, in addition to generating employment, refueling and supply on the island, she did not hesitate to proclaim the announcement as very good news.

In addition, the company’s managers have promised to put the name of Gran Canaria on at least one of its planes, as the island recorded such great performance last year in the operations of the group, seeing increases of 20%.

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