155 wines vie for Best Canarian Wine Awards

A total of 155 wines from across the Archipelago will compete for the Best Canarian Wine Award in the 17th edition of the Official Agrocanarias Wine Competition.

This contest recognises the best DOP productions ( DOP – made and bottled in the Archipelago), grouped into twelve different categories depending on the type of grape and the mode of production. Of the participating produce most come from Tenerife but all Islands and various areas are represented and 12 wines are from Gran Canaria.

Depending on the type of wine, the contestants are divided into 54 reds, 39 white, 22 semi-sweet, 17 rosé, 7 crianza, 6 sweet wine, 4 sweet malts, five sparkling, and one liquor.

The best-rated wines are chosen for the “Best Canary Wine”, “Best Ecological Wine”, “Best Limited Production Wine” (category created with the aim of offering wineries that produce very small quantities the opportunity to participate in the contest and in response to requests made by the sector) and “Best Image and Presentation”, in which the design and presentation of the participating productions is valued exclusively. In addition to these prizes, the wines that have received the highest scores – as long as they exceed 90 points – will be awarded the Gold Medal and productions that exceed 85 and 80 points will receive the silver Medal and bronze medal, respectively.

The winners will be announced 6 April.

Despite the decreases in the amount of grapes harvested due adverse weather phenomena – which have placed wine production at 5.15 million litres compared to the 10.27 million produced in 2015 -, the quality of islands wines, backed by unique characteristics that confer a unique authenticity, is more than guaranteed and backed by the prizes obtained in regional and international competitions