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The Canary Guide Día de Canarias #WeekendTips 26-28 May 2023

What an interesting last weekend of May ahead. Weather predictions are showing some rain showers are likely across Gran Canaria. This extended #WeekendTips covers up to Tuesday, when all things Canarian are celebrated on the Día de Canarias. There’ll be some gorgeous Patron Saints’ festivities happening in San Fernando de Maspalomas as well as in Valleseco.

Fun Fact:
Valleseco literally means “dry valley” in Spanish, but is actually one of the wettest municipalities Gran Canaria. Nestling between the famous fresh water sources of Firgas & Teror, half way up the island’s mountainous northern slopes, this area is well known for its apple growers, cider and its weekly market

Six weeks since the unexplained disappearance of Anna-Karin on Gran Canaria

The authorities on Gran Canaria have been engaged in a rigorous search for Swedish tourist Anna-Karin Bengtsson, who went missing in the south of Gran Canaria around April 9. Her unexplained disappearance has caused her family much distress, with no clues to her whereabouts having emerged in the six weeks since they first realised her phone was no longer functioning.

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 19-21 May 2023


An exciting May weekend ahead with abundant events and festivities taking place all around Gran Canaria. There are Patron Saints’ festivities for Motor Grande, in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, and in El Tablero in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and up in the mountains of Artenara. There is also a two day lively exhibition event in Meloneras boulevard and the Rally Gran Canaria is held this Friday and Saturday.


Two injured in serious car accident on Saturday night in the Agüimes hills

A vehicle left the road last Saturday night, in the rural area known as La Cortada, in Los Corralillos, in the Gran Canaria municipality of Agüimes.

Two people were injured and the vehicle also suffered extensive damage. The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, which left the road (the GC-551) at speed at around 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, passing over the safety fences and the various large rocks along the way, coming to a stand still, with his rear to the hillside and scattering engine parts as it came to a halt.
Illegal races are known to take place along this road with some frequency, sometimes ending in accidents. Observers hypothesise this to be likely the reason for the drivers loss of control.


Maspalomas roundabout fail leaves car abandoned beneath GC500 roundabout

This crashed car abandoned beneath GC500, the old national road that connects Vecindario on the southeast of Gran Canaria to Puerto de Mogán on the southwest, was reportedly  found “parked” this morning under the roundabout between the Parque Sur Maspalomas and the Holiday World theme park.  First reports say the occupants simply stepped out of the vehicle and left the scene, with no evidence of any emergency services having been called.  Questions are now being asked as to whether the vehicle was stolen, or indeed rolled down the hill by its owner, who presumably will be speaking to the authorities today.

Further information is being sought as to what exactly led to the Seat Altea having left the highway and falling into the central subway passage that crosses beneath the old national road.  The GC500 itself is a dual carriageway, where the speed limit is 40km an hour approaching this roundabout, however it seems likely that who ever was driving was not paying attention. It is well known that many drivers exceed the speed limit along this section of road, and if it were not for the high speed warning bumps, large signs and big red flashing signals, it would be quite easy to misjudge the appropriate velocity.  From the photographs it is not obvious which direction they had been travelling from.
We’ll update this as and when we get more information.  Local officials are currently trying to track down the occupants of the vehicle, presumably to ask them some pertinent questions about their evening last night, the state of the driver and the speed at which the vehicle was travelling, when they manage to leave the road altogether, and roll the car down a hill before blocking the pedestrian walkway, then leaving the car abandoned beneath the GC500.
Runners, dog walkers and other pedestrians no doubt will have had fun this morning photographing the unusual incident, which by the looks of things will require a heavy crane to remedy. we expect to see a few more images posted to social networks.
Had they only managed to carry on 100m more they would have found themselves at one of the most spacious car parks in all of Maspalomas, underneath the Holiday World family theme park, who offer a much more thrilling, and less expensive, experience for kids of all ages.
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Man who died in horrific road accident on Friday named

Who could have failed to be shocked on hearing of the young man who died last Friday afternoon when his vehicle collided with a tourist excursion bus travelling along the GC500 near Balito. An outpouring of grief soon followed as the victim was named as a resident of Arguineguín named Jacob, aged just 29, active in local politics, and sports having played for two local football teams, he worked in one of the Spar supermarkets in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, and had become a father only seven months earlier.
The accident occurred at 15.14 and Friday afternoon.  The 112 Canary Islands Emergency and Security Coordinating Centre (Cecoes) received an alert reporting that a car and a service bus had collided head-on on the GC-500, at kilometer 35 located by the Barranco de Balito, in the southern municipality of Mogán. Firefighters from Puerto Rico were immediately deployed along with Local Police, Traffic Civil Guard and two ambulances from the Canary Emergency Service (SUC), one medicalised and  the other carrying basic life support, according to the report from 112.
A doctor who happened to be travelling on the excursion passenger transport vehicle identified himself and almost immediately attended to the driver of the car who he found was in cardio-respiratory arrest, so he was the first to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, which were then continued by the staff of the SUC ambulance, both basic and advanced. However, Jacobs death was eventually confirmed at the scene.
Agents from the Guardia Civil Traffic units initiated an investigation to determine the causes of the accident. According to the initial hypothesis, the driver of the car appears to have invaded the oncoming lane for reasons that are still being investigated. It is well known that many drivers travel far too quickly around this long corner, and so speed could well have been a factor.  What seems clear from the initial images is that the impact was very sudden, and according to witnesses the bus driver simply had no time to react.  Civil Protection and Policia Local from Puerto Rico also collaborated with emergency resources.
Jacob now becomes the sixth fatality from major traffic accidents on the southern roads of Gran Canaria in recent weeks, following the awful crash between motorcycles near Veneguera and a collision near Pasito Blanco.


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Fourth fatality announced after Sunday’s shocking motorcycle collision near Mogán

The violent motorcycle accident which occurred on Sunday in the Los Azulejos area, near the Veneguera intersection, between Mogán and La Aldea on the GC-200, has resulted in a fourth tragic fatality.
3 were left dead at the scene, including a couple from Tamaraceite and a bricklayer from Arucas, whose 14 year old son rode as his passenger and who it has now been reported died this Wednesday morning, three days after the accident, at the main Insular Hospital where he was being treated in a critical condition, having been unable to overcome the various blood transfusions and interventions administered in an attempt to save his young life.
The teenager had been the only survivor of the shocking head-on collision between a high-powered BMW and a Honda 70 on Sunday near Veneguera, on the road between La Aldea and Mogán. The boy’s father, Carmelo Lorenzo, was driving the Honda 70 and was buried yesterday in Arucas. The couple who were on the BMW have been named as Jesús Carmelo Delgado and Angharad Rodríguez, of Tamaraceite who were also buried yesterday in San Lázaro.
The Guardia Civil are investigating the incident to try and discern if speeding was the cause of the couple riding the powerful BMW motorcycle having collided with father and son on the much less powerful Honda 70 Monkey Bike.
The father was passionate about motorcycles and mechanics, and of a very calm character, according to various people who knew him.
The Dax Monkey Team collective, of which he was a member almost from their beginnings a little more than two years ago, have remembered him as a person who always had a smile. “Good friend and good father,” they point out  and they emphasise that he was very reserved.
The group had left around nine thirty on Sunday morning from the shopping center La Ballena, in the capital, which was their usual meeting point. From there they headed northwest to reach La Aldea, with two brief stops. They ate next to the Charco de La Aldea at 12.30. “No alcohol,” they insist, because they never drink on these trips. An hour and a quarter later they climbed back on their minibikes and left heading in the direction of Mogán, where they had planned to take a break in Arguineguín for a coffee, before returning to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
But tragedy was to cut short this Sunday bike tour. At around 1430 the accident occurred, ending the life of Carmelo Lorenzo, leaving his son fatally injured.
Jesús Carmelo Delgado rode the other motorcycle involved, accompanied by his partner Angharad Rodríguez, also both great lovers of two wheels, travelling from Mogán to La Aldea aboard his powerful 1,000 CC BMW.
The two bikes collided head on while travelling around curves and bends with little or no visibility. The couple resided in Tamaraceite, and were also well known among motorcycle enthusiasts, as they ran a automotive business, Valery Motor, so were closely linked to the biking community.
The Guardia Civil have noted that the section at which the accident took place is speed limited to a maximum of 50 kilometres per hour, and that technicians will take several weeks to write their final report. The case has been sent to court number 2 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana , while accident investigation experts of the Traffic Corps make their technical report which it is alleged will likely determine whether or not the BMW invaded the opposite carriageway, as another Honda 70 was also almost involved.
Some witnesses say that they could not even have had time to brake, with no skid marks on the asphalt after the accident, indicating that the tragic outcome was very abrupt.
This is the sixth fatal motorcycle crash in the archipelago this year so far, all in the last month.

Spectacular footage of truck leaving the road in the mountains of Gran Canaria

A truck driver was caught on camera apparently racing too fast around a bend on the GC41 mountain road near Valsequillo de Gran Canaria on Monday morning.
As you can see from this spectacular footage, captured from a dashcam in a vehicle travelling in the other direction, the truck left the road and it was only the safety barrier and a road side tree that prevented it from going over the edge and ending up in a ravine.
No other vehicles were involved in the accident and the driver was taken away in an ambulance.

A highway worker killed in the tunnel of the new La Aldea road

A Public Works and Infrastructures Highway Service employee of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, who has been named as 45 year old Juan Román PM, died on Tuesday just before noon when he was run over in one of the tunnels of the new road from La Aldea de San Nicolás. It is the first reported death on the new stretch of road since the it was opened in April 2017.
The operator was working inside a tunnel,  when he was run over by a driver, aged between 70 and 80 years old, and a resident of nearby El Risco, in Agaete, and who was driving a small truck. The allegedly driver did not notice the signals in the tunnel, which indicated that one of the lanes was closed to traffic due to the maintenance work that was being carried out inside it, nor did he heed the audible warnings through the loudspeakers.
After the report was received around 11.35 yesterday morning, the 112 Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (Cecoes 112) activated two ambulances from the SUC Canarian Emergency Service; a doctor from the La Aldea Health Center;  a helicopter belonging to the Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) was also deployed, which ultimately did not evacuate the victim who had already died at the scene of the accident; agents of the Local Police and the Civil Guard attended; and Firefighters from the Aldea Park Consortium.
The staff of the SUC and the doctor of the Health Center attended to the victim, who had serious injuries, and suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest as a result of being run over when he was being attended to by medical and health staff. Despite resuscitation maneuvers being performed, the man died at the scene.
The local police collaborated, while the Consortium Firemen took charge of securing the area of ​​the GC-2 road where the helicopter landed and where the traffic was interrupted.
Guardia Civil agents took charge of the corresponding proceedings.
The deceased worker was a well-known resident who lived in the village of La Aldea de San Nicolás. Juan Roman PM had been on the PSOE (socialist party) lists for the municipal elections.  Juan Román PM, who was an only child, leaves a widow, who is in a very advanced stage of pregnancy.
The pensioner who was driving had, according to sources, been warned several times to be careful when driving, and the circumstances of the accident are now under investigation.

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Six weeks since the unexplained disappearance of Anna-Karin on Gran Canaria

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Dead man, of German origin, found floating in the sea near Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

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The Canary Awards 2023 Winners

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Two arrested on suspicion of stealing doors from a parked car in Patalavaca, Mogán

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Maspalomas Town Hall to approve new viewpoint over Playa del Inglés

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Spanish Air & Space Force Super Puma Strikes Rocks At Night on Gran Canaria

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Meanwhile in Las Palmas: A driver loses control and ends up parked on some steps

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British man injured in Taurito

A 25 year old British man was injured last night on a public highway near a hotel in the tourist resort valley of Playa de Taurito, in the southern Gran Canaria municipality of Mogán, according to reports from the 112 Coordinating Centre for Emergencies and Security (CECOES 1-1-2) .
The event took place at 03.01 this Wednesday morning, September 19.
The victim needed the assistance of medical teams from the Canarian Emergency Service (SUC) after suffering severe multiple traumas, who, after stabilizing him, transfer the injured man directly to the Insular University Hospital in the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
The Local Police collaborated with the rest of the emergency resources. The Civil Guard instructed the corresponding proceedings.