El Talbero stairs to access Health Centre

escaleraAccesoCentroSaludMaspalomas1A company called Norte Sur Obras y Reformas SL  has won the tender to build safe pedestrian  access between El Tablero and the public health centre in Maspalomas (Centro de Salud de Maspalomas).  The aim of the project, which has a budget of about €61,000, is to improve access to the service for the many residents who, often daily, use the old footpath on the hillside to get to the medical centre,  or to San Fernando secondary schools, the Parque Sur and the sport courts and fields.

The staircase will be illuminated and will run almost the same path as the current rough foot path and will even have a rest area with seating.

The project also includes a crossing between the inner slope sidewalk to where the top of the new stairs down to the Health Centre will be. It will be located at a wide area of the road offering greater visibility to drivers and pedestrians alike.