Meanwhile on Fuerteventura…

Two wild donkeys are causing a small internet sensation in a video recorded at the doors of the Hotel Faro Jandía, in Morro Jable, Fuerteventura.

The video, circulating the net since yesterday, shows a pair of “burros majoreros” in full swing, so to speak, or, at least, trying to, while in full view of a dozen curious or so tourists. Several of those present with smartphones did not want to miss the opportunity to immortalize this intimate moment and take away an unforgettable memory of holiday romance on Fuerteventura, while the couple attended to the call of nature.

The beasts are part of the colony of wild donkeys, known as burros majoreros, that roam the municipality of Pájara. They are a protected species, listed as being in danger of extinction and have not always been wild.

Wild burros majoreros, known also as “burros tragones” for their large appetites, were used in the past for agriculture on Fuerteventura, but with the mechanisation of farming and traditional agricultural methods dying out, their owners simply left them to roam free, leaving the newly liberated beasts of burden to graze freely in the areas around De Cofete and the Vinamar, Esquinzo and Butihondo valleys, located in the peninsula of Jandía on the south of Fuerteventura.

The amusing video shows the donkeys succumbing to their most natural sexual instincts and attempting to get friendly without concern for the tourists walking by.  The colony feeds on the garden plants throughout the area, wandering as a curiosity for the tourists with occasional amorous scenes like this one playing out in public, but this time captured and spread across the internet.