It’s mid February and we have a warm, spring weekend ahead. The recent weather couldn’t have been better on Gran Canaria, even despite the two calima episodes we’ve seen so far. AEMET, the Spanish state meteorological agency, is predicting gorgeous weather around the island with temperatures well above 20 degrees celsius in the shade across the island, reaching to almost 30º around the tourists enclaves of the south, and likely higher in direct sunlight.

For Valentine’s Day on Friday and you can expect many restaurants and bars doing their best for those yearning for some smooching and romance. Carnival festivities are now spreading from the capital to other municipalities, sweeping over the whole island during the coming weeks. Here are our top picks of events for the upcoming weekend. Make it a good one. 


The first edition of Artisan Fair ENAMORARTE on Friday on La Rambla de Mesa y López in the capital.

The fair is from 09:00 to 21:00 and is organized by the Association of Artisans VEGUEARTE with the collaboration of the town Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Take a stroll down this leafy central shopping street and find exclusive handmade items made by local artists on Valentine’s Day as well as  many surprises throughout the day. 


The Carnival celebrations continue in the capital and there are many grand festivities happening throughout the weekend.

ON FRIDAY, the Adult comparsas contest at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina (Free entry subject to available seating). Feathers and sequins move to the rhythm of the batucadas who represent this night of the dance troupes. These groups reflect the essence of Carnival both because of their spectacular costumes and choreographies, as well as their relationship with music, rhythm and dance.

THIS SATURDAY, the Daytime Carnival in Vegueta runs from 12:00 to 20:00. The oldest part of the capital, Vegueta celebrates Daytime carnival so prepare your best costume and enjoy the Carnival for all, the Vegueta Day Carnival in its modern form has been a highlight for the eight consecutive years bringing all the atmosphere and warmth of Carnival to the oldest streets in the capital. The streets of Obispo Codina, Pelota, Diego de León, Armas and Mendizabal will be filled with music, fantasy, joy and fun.

In the evening at 21:00 the Final of the Murgas contest, celebrating satirical songs dealing with current affairs of the last year, is on stage in Parque Santa Catalina. This is a ticket event but you can watch the show live from “Televisión Canaria” starting at 20:45. Everything is in Spanish, so a great chance to brush up some of your local lingo and understand a little about the issues that affect the island as a whole.

ON SUNDAY at 12:00, the Canine Carnival is one of the most eagerly awaited events in recent years. The Canine Carnival is a parade of pet dogs in costume accompanied by their loving owners, at which imagination combined with a respect for animals and their wellbeing are the only limits.  Parque Santa Catalina. (Free entry subject to available seating)

Later in the evening at 18:30 Gala Reina Infantil. The children’s queen’s gala, designed especially for the little ones, includes performances from “comparsas” (carnival dance stage shows), “murgas” (carnival street choir bands) and various groups selected to suit its main mini audience. The selection of the Junior Queen or King is one of the most charming events in the carnival festivities. Parque Santa Catalina. (Free entry subject to available seating)


The municipality of Gáldar celebrates Carnival 14-28 February. The theme for the 2020 festivities is “Cuentos y fábulas”, Fairy tales and fables

On Friday,  a parade announcing the start of the Carnival and the Pregón, the opening ceremony. At 20:00 the announcing parade will begin and will take the carnival rhythm on a ride ride throughout the city to the Juan Vega Mateos municipal sports centre where the proclamation will take place.  Also present at the event are the 19 aspiring drag queens of the Carnival, a record figure of participants.

On Saturday, the Drag Queen Gala in the Juan Vega Mateos municipal sports center. The entrance to the gala is free to enter until full capacity is reached.

On Sunday Children’s Carnival Gala,  the most anticipated date for the little ones and their families in the Juan Vega Mateos municipal sports center.


The municipality of Agüimes starts their Carnival celebrations this Saturday and festivities continue until 8 March.

The involvement of citizens has always been an essential feature of the Agüimes Carnival, which has been converted by the people into one of its main hallmarks. The people of Agüimes are known for having continued to celebrate in secret, even during the worst moments of the dictatorship, when Carnival had been officially banned on the rest of the island, a historical episode that has marked the personality of this celebration. For this reason the population of Agüimes, year after year, participate en mass in each and every one of their activities, taking to the street their sense of humor and the satire that has always characterized this cheerful, spontaneous and authentic carnival event.

The 2020 Agüimes Carnival is dedicated this year to multiculturalism.On Saturday, a small parade announcing the carnivals begins at 12:00 from Plaza del Rosario. At 13:00 “Quema de la esquila”, is where a traditional carnival figure made of paper is burned to herald the beginning of the celebrations. Later in the afternoon from 18:00 everybody warms up with free chocolate and churros on calle Doctor Vicente Ruano for the inaugural parade starting at 21:00 from the parking lot of the municipal swimming pool. The inaugural parade through the main streets of the town sees the residents and neighbors of Agüimes join together for the start of this year’s carnival.At 21:30 the Pregón from the balcony of the town hall and an after party with Star Music and Grupo Arena. On Sunday, a street parade at 12:00 from the premises of Murga Los Lagartos. The great children’s dance and performances of children’s murgas groups at Murga Los Lagartos.


The Agricultural Market in La Karpa, offers an opportunity to purchase fresh produce directly from the primary sector (farmers) at subsidised prices. Vegetables, fruits, honey, cheeses, oil, bread and sweets are just some of the produce that can be found, constituted to support the primary sector of the region. The freshest produce at your fingertips.

The Market is open from 08:30-13:30


Sunday is for lovers of spring blossom, and perhaps the last chance to see one of this years wonderful Almond Blossom celebrations, in Tunte, the municipal capital of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, who are celebrating their Almond Blossom fair between 14-16 February and preparing to receive thousands of visitors.

The ninth edition of “Fiestas del almendro” with Crafts and Farmer’s Fair on Sunday, will dress Tunte for the spring time festivities.

On  Sunday, starting at 09:00 there will be tastings, exhibitions and sale of local products like wine, bread, sweets, cheese, honey etc., presentation of the new harvests of the Tirajana wineries, music performances, awards and dancing.

Global bus company will have an extra connection from the south with bus line 18.


The EPIC GRAN CANARIA is an International Road Cycling event which will bring hundreds of cyclists on to the roads for the weekend. The two stages start from the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas from the spectacular Mirador de las Dunas, just at the end of Avda. Tirajana (Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Avda Tirajana S/N)

 The two stages will take place in open traffic, only at the time trials are  the roads closed to traffic, however it is mandatory for participants to stay in their lane and respect the traffic signs as well as the indications of the security and protection bodies civil throughout the touring event.

On Saturday, 08:30 – 15:00 from Hotel Riu Maspalomas. Total 115km. Hotel Riu Maspalomas – Ayagaures – Maspalomas –  Pajar – Cercados Espino – Soria – Presa de las Niñas –  Ayacata – Tirajana – Fataga – Arteara – Hotel Riu Maspalomas.
At 09:30 – Time Trial 1 Ascent Ayagaures 12.3Kms.  At 11:00 – Time Trial 2 Ascent Ayacata 24.5Kms

On Sunday, start at 08:30 – 13:00. total 75 km
Hotel Riu Maspalomas – Mirador, the viewpoint  – Fataga – Tirajana – Santa Lucia – Vecindario – Bahia Feliz – Hotel Riu Maspalomas
At 09:00 –  Time trial 3 Ascent Tunte 22Kms

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