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The Canary Guide to Carnivals on Gran Canaria 2020

The Canary Guide to Carnivals on Gran Canaria 2020

The most exciting of annual celebrations on Gran Canaria is about the start.  The capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, kicks off Carnival season 2020 this Friday, 7th of February. The biggest of all the carnival celebrations on the island, lasting a whole month until the 1st of March. Carnival festivities will be celebrated in almost every corner of the island so there will be plenty to go and see and experience the unique magic, colour, fun and sheer spectacle of a truly magnificent start to spring here on Gran Canaria. 

Here’s a little run down of what to expect over the coming days and weeks…

***  Updates as soon as more information comes available ***

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 7.2. – 1.3. 2020
Theme : “Érase una vez”, Once upon a time


7.2. The inaugural parade heralding the start of this year’s festivities starts at 20:30. Half an hour before the official proclamation, a musical parade will make its way through the oldest parts of the city from Triana to Vegueta, following a traditional route from Cairasco to the Plaza de Santa Ana where a street party and live public show will take place.
At 21:00 The official opening of the carnival festivities, beginning with a spectacle where the crowd attending join the master of ceremonies. You can expect masked revellers, murgas and comparsas and the final candidates for Carnival Queen (Reina del Carnaval) and Drag Queen to take part in the opening ceremony in Vegueta. At 21:40 there will be a concert by popular local group “Los Salvapantallas”
8.2. Children’s Comparsas “dance troupe” contest at 19:00
9.2. Children’s fancy costume festival at 11:00 and then at 20:00 The Grande Dame gala celebrating women of maturity and style.
10-12.2 The Murgas contests start at 20:30 ( Free entry subject to available seating.)
13.3. Adults fancy costume contest at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina (Free entry subject to available seating)
14.2. Adult comparsas contest at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina (Free entry subject to available seating)
Feathers and sequins to the rhythm of the batucadas identify the night of the street dance troupes. These groups reflect the essence of Carnival both because of the spectacular costumes and choreographies, as well as their relationship with music, rhythm and dance.
15.2. Daytime Carnival in Vegueta starting at 12:00 and at 21:00 the Final of murgas contest
16.2. The Canine Carnival at 12:00 and at 18:30 the Children’s gala
21.2. Carnival Queen Gala at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina ( Ticket event ) and a night of Carnival at 23:00 
22.2. Family Carnival in Triana at 12:00, Carnival in the Sun at 17:00 and the Pre-selection for Drag Queen contestants at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina ( ticketed event )
23.2. Meeting with all children’s murgas groups at 11:00 and Children’s parade at 17:00
24.2. Traditional Carnival at 19:00 in The Barranco del Guiniguada ( dress white and be prepared to be covered with talcum powder ).  The Drag Queen Gala at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina ( ticket event ) and a night of Carnival at 23:00 in Parque Santa Catalina
25.2 Martes de Carnaval ( Carnival Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day etc. ) It is a bank holiday in Las Palmas. Day time Carnival celebrations in Santa Catalina at 12:00
27.2. Integration Gala at 19:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina (Free entry subject to available seating)
28.2. The popular bodypainting contest at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina (Free entry subject to available seating), A night of Carnival at 23:00 in Parque Santa Catalina
29.2. The Grand Parade at 17:00 and a night of Carnival at 23:00 in Parque Santa Catalina 
1.3. Burial of the Sardine at 19:00 and burning of the Sardine and fireworks at 21:00

Gáldar 14.2. – 28.2. 2020
Theme:Cuentos y fábulas’ , Fairy tales and fables


14.2. A parade in the old town announcing the start of the Carnival at 20:00 and the Pregón, the opening ceremony at 21:00
15.2.  Drag Queen Gala
16.2. Children’s Carnival Gala
18.2.  School Carnival
19.2. Integration Gala 
21.2. Parade
22.2. Family Carnival
25.2. Carnival + youth
28.2. Burial of the Sardine


Agüimes 15.2 – 8.3. 2020
Theme:  “Agüimes, a multicultural Carnival”


Agüimes celebrates one of the most traditional carnivals on Gran Canaria, with the day of the “Old Carnival” during which tortillas and liquors are made and tasted in the streets. The murgas play an important role in these parties, both for their participation in competitions and parades and for being an active part in the organization of the Day Carnival, an act that takes more and more relevance in their carnival.
Among the events of this year, the 38th edition of the prestigious murgas contest stands out, in which the thirteen murgueras groups of the municipality will take part. The previous phases will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 18 and 19, while the grand finale will be held on Saturday, February 22 in the Plaza del Rosario. Another of the highlights will be the street carnival, which will bring carnival members together on Saturday, February 29, in different stages throughout the town, from 12:00 noon until late in the morning. The burial and subsequent burning of the sardine will be on Wednesday, February 26.





Ingenio,  20.2. – 1.3. 2020
Theme: Mejico Mexico!


The municipality of Villa de Ingenio celebrates their 52nd edition of Carnival.
Most events are held on Plaza de la Candelaria.

22.2. Daytime carnival 
25.2. The wake of the Sardine and costume party 
26.2. the 52nd Burial parade of the Sardine. ** starts at 21:00 
28.2. The Drag Queen Gala at 21:00 
1.3. Children’s Carnival 11:00-14:00


Santa Lucia de Tirajana 20.2. – 8.2. 2020
Theme: “Africa”

Full program in Spanish here!

20.2. announcing parade on Avenida de Canarias and Pregón, opening festivities at the back of teatro Victor Jara at 20:00
23.2. Carnival in Colors starting at 12:00 with Children’s inflatables, performances and a great end of the party with colored powders and music at the back of the teatro Victor Jara
24.2. Carnival in the neighborhood of Balos from 16:00 with a parade, performances, burning of the Sardine and end of party with Dj Desirée Santana. Plaza de Balos
25.2. Day Carnival with bouncy castles and music by Start Music and Furia Joven starting at 12:00 at the back of the teatro Victor Jara
27.2. Murgas, at the back of the teatro Victor Jara
6.3. Gala Drag Queen Gala at 21:00 at Teatro Víctor Jara – Vecindario ( Ticket event )
7.3. Mogollón del Carnaval, Carnival Parade starts at 18:30, from Balos to El Doctoral. The day will end with the burial of the Sardine at 22:30 at the back of the theatre. 

La Aldea de San Nicolás, 21.2. – 14.3. 2020
Theme : ‘Las Mil y Una Noches’ , “The Thousand and One Nights” ( The Arabian nights )

Friday 21.2. The traditional street parade of the educational centres of the municipality at 10:00. Children, dressed in the traditional way, will parade through the main streets of El Casco to finish with a dance in La Alameda, while tasting carnival tortillas.

Saturday 22.2. Daytime Carnival in the city centre from 11:00 with festive and fun, for the whole family, with attractions, activities and live music.

Sunday 23.2. The Carnival Queen Gala held at the Centro de Majores on Calle Real. This act will feature a performance by Manu and his keyboards, which will liven up the dance.

Carnival Tuesday 25.2. Once again, La Aldea de San Nicolás, with the help of the Community Development Cultural Project, will be the scene of one of the few Carnival celebrations on the Islands and which date back to before the beginning of the last century.

At 17:30 from La Gañania, children dressed in the skins of goats, with horns and cowbells like cattle, will be accompanied by a shepherd.  A traditional and typical  masquerade ( dressed in old costumes, with their faces covered in a veil or chin cloth, cane in hand and a basket for collecting goodies) while creating thousands of pranks to get attention, asking for a pesetita or a small egg to make tortillas. Men will be dressed as women and women as men.

Friday 6.3. Verbena in La Alameda at 22:00

Saturday 7.3. Carnival parade and the first Mogollón ( a big “cave man” party )

Sunday 8.3. Baile de Carnaval at the Centro de Majores on Calle Real

Saturday 14.3. End of Carnival fiesta with the Burial of the Besugo at 18:00 and the second Mogollón “party” at 22:00.

Maspalomas, San Bartolomé de Tirajana 5.3. – 15.3. 2020
Theme: Los Musicales, musicals

One of the biggest annual events in the south, the Maspalomas Costa Canaria Carnival, is to celebrated between 5-15 March 2020. The upcoming festivities will be themed around ” Los Musicales”, musicals. The theme was selected by a popular vote, for the first time in its history.

5.3. Opening show of the Carnival 2020 at 20:00, followed by the Drag Queen pre-selection at 20:45
on stage at the shopping center Yumbo, public square
6.3. Senior Queen election of the Carnival 2020 at 21:00 and at 23:00 Mogollón “party”
on stage at the shopping center Yumbo, public square
7.3. Open Day at Holiday World at 12:00. Children’s Carnival Parade from Holiday World to Yumbo at 17:00. At 19:00 Election of the Children Queen. At 23:00 Mogollón party
8.3. Election of the Carnival Queen at 21:00 on stage at the shopping center Yumbo, public square
9.3. Canine Carnival Contest at 18:00 on stage at the shopping center Yumbo, public square
10.3. Barrierless Show at 19:00 on stage at the shopping center Yumbo, public square
11.3. Tropical Party at 21:00 at the shopping center Yumbo, chiringuitos zone
12.3. Drag Queen Election at 21:00 and Mogollón”party” at 00:00 at the shopping center Yumbo, public square
13.3. Rescue of the Sardine at Maspalomas Beach at 11:00 ( route to Playa del Inglés ), at 13:30 Sun party in the shopping center Anexo II. Later in the evening at 21:00 Tourists Party At Shopping Center Yumbo, public square and 22:30 Mogollón “party”
14.3. Grand Carnival Parade at 17:00. Departure from the entrance to Playa del Inglés by El Veril, Avda de Italia, Avda de Gran Canaria amd Avda de Tirajana. At 22:00 Mogollón “part” At Shopping Center Yumbo, public square
15.3. Sardine Parade at 19:00. Departure from the parking lot of Avda de España, Avda Alférez Provisionales in the direction of shopping center Anexo II. At 20:00 Reading of the sardine’s last will and at 20:30 Burial of the Sardine.

Traditional popular Carnival festivities in the neighborhoods :


Arucas 6.3. – 28.3. 2020
Theme: “Una Arucas en cuento” , Arucas fairytale




Program has not been published yet 


Teror , 6.3. – 7.3. 2020
Theme:  ‘Gran Imperio Chino’, The Great Chinese Empire 

Teror celebrates  its 2020 Carnival in March dedicated to the ‘Great Chinese Empire’, concentrating their festive events in the city centre. 

on Friday, March 6  the Carnival Gala
on Saturday, March 7, with the Carnival in Family and Burning of the Sardine. From noon to  late night there will be leisure activities, parades, carnival playa area for children,  high heel race, concerts, parade, etc, and the traditional burning of the Sardine in the Plaza de Sintes.

The various neighbourhoods of Teror will start to  celebrate their carnival festivities from the end of February through to the middle of March.


Telde, 13.3. – 22.3. 2020
Theme: India, inspired by the colourful Bollywood


13.3. Pregón, the opening gala at Auditorio del parque urbano San Juan in the evening.
20.3. Drag Queen Gala

21.3. Parade

22.3. Daytime Carnival and the Burial of the Sardine


Carrizal in Ingenio, 15.3. – 29.3. 
Theme: El Carnaval de Carrizal, Un Carnaval Tan Genial’.  Theme is “Aladdin”. 

This is the other Carnival festivity in the municipality of Ingenio. The neighbourhood of Carrizal offers a very unique carnival experience. The Carnival is held on Playa Burrero.

19.3. Rescue of the Sardine and barbeque
20.3. Pregón, opening ceremony and Festival de Chirigotas
21.3. Carnival antiguo and verbena
22.3. Children’s carnival
25.3. 1st murgas competition
26.3. 2nd Murgas competition and awards  
27.3. Drag Queen Gala and spectacles 
28.3. Parade 
28.3. Pet Carnival 

Mogán, 17.3. – 22.3. 2020
Theme: India 

Carnival Costa de Mogán 2020 is celebrated in Arguineguin. The epicenter of most events and activities is the market place, Plaza Negra. There are also small lively street parades in the tourist areas announcing the carnival to start as well as carnival celebrations in the neighbourhoods of the municipality. 

21.3. Parade 

Program has not been published yet 


Santa Maria de Guía, 18.3. – 21.3. 2020
Theme: ‘Érase una vez un cuento’, ‘Once upon a time a story ‘ inspired by the characters in children’s stories

Saturday, 21.3., Gran Cabalgata del Carnaval en Familia, The Grand family parade.




Program has not been published yet 



Agaete  20.3. – 29.3. 2020
Theme:  Carnavales del Mundo,  Carnivals of the world

13.3.  Inauguration of the exhibition of historical photographs, costumes and headdresses of the Carnival of Agaete in the Cultural Center of La Villa.
20.3. Carnival Gala
21.3, Daytime Carnival
22.3. Children’s Carnival
27.3. School Carnival with the parade of CEIP students José Sánchez y Sánchez.
27.3. Wake of the Sardine  .
28.3. Parade and the Burial of the Sardine. The festive days will be closed with a festival and musical performance of the groups: Los Lola, Ray Castellano, La Mekanica Tamarindos, La Sabrosa, Los Salvapantallas and Aseres.


Valleseco 28.3. – 29.3.
Theme : still to be voted. “Pirates; “Stories”; “The Wild West”; or “Star Wars”

Program has not been published yet 

Municipalities with no confirmation yet : Villa de Moya, Firgas, Artenara, Santa Brigida (normally end of March or beginning of April )

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