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The new “Mogán Mall” in Puerto Rico to open Autumn 2019

The new “Mogán Mall” in Puerto Rico to open Autumn 2019

*** photos aa&a AGUIRRE Y ASOCIADOS

The “Mogán mall” new shopping center is currently on course to open in the autumn of 2019 with 144 stores among them fashion stores and accessories, as well as beauty and catering businesses and a major new Hiperdino.

With some €38 million invested by partners Fund Grube group, the company Canfoto and lead investor Amid Achi’s group; the new “Mogán mall”  will be an open air facility taking advantage of the extraordinary climate in the southern municipality.

*** photos aa&a AGUIRRE Y ASOCIADOS

The plot where the old water park once stood covers a total of about 60,000 square meters of which  the mall will occupy 37,000 meters. The surface area allocated to commercial premises, leisure and refreshment areas add up to 18,000 square meters, and the rest is to be made up of pedestrian accesses and various plazas.

The stores are aligned along an axis parallel to the main street, Avenida Tomás Roca Bosch, while the offer of snacks refreshments and leisure are to implanted in the western slope of the Barranco de Puerto Rico  which it will be accessed via two mechanical pedestrian moving walkways.

*** photos aa&a AGUIRRE Y ASOCIADOS

The shops are to be distributed between 2 floors. The green and black stone that has been obtained from the excavations is being used for the façades, and will be combined with whitewashed stone to give a modern style to the buildings.

The car parks have been built below ground and will offer a total of 700 parking space. 

There will be an entrance plaza crowned by a large water fountain, which is to be one of the architectural attractions of the establishment offering a whole spectacle of images and games using computer controlled jets of water, lights, lasers, and also sound. This is to be the largest fountain that has ever been made in the Canary Islands measuring about 30 meters wide, in the centre of 300 metres square of water.

*** photos aa&a AGUIRRE Y ASOCIADOS

Two bridges or mechanical corridors will cross the ravine channel, so that visitors can move to the restaurant and leisure area where there is also to be a plaza where outdoor shows are intended.

The promoters point out that the centre will be a reference point for the municipality of Mogán, which is why they have included the name of the municipality, and they add that they have chosen the Americanised Anglo-Saxon term “mall” because it is used in general to describe a commercial boulevard.

The design of all this new commercial facility in Puerto Rico is the work of the Aguirre Asociados team, working with landscape architect Flora Pescador, who devised the squares and landscaped areas that run throughout this building.

The promoters decided to take advantage of the development to complete a long overdue project and to build an ecumenical temple that thirty years ago was projected and planned on a plot adjacent to the water park and yet was never completed. Some 675 square meters have been reserved to build this multi-faith church that will be surrounded by a public square.

The construction works for this entire development occupying a too-long unused part of the Barranco de Puerto Rico have been commissioned to he construction company San José, who have employed about 100 workers to execute the works..


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