Welcome to The Canary Guide Weekend Tips, your What’s On run-down of events across Gran Canaria this weekend.

We have a carnival-filled February weekend ahead here on Gran Canaria. AEMET, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency are predicting warm days for Saturday and Sunday all across the island, all across the southern-most parts reaching up almost to 30ºC in a shade, with overall average temperatures well into the 20s on Gran Canaria, much hotter in direct sunshine. There are, however forecasts for strong winds and Saharan calima dust, along with an isolated DANA depression (better known in Spain as a gota fría) that is expected to arrive over the archipelago, so this could be an interesting and not so-very-sure weekend ahead. weather wise.

The carnival celebrations have been spreading across Gran Canaria like a spring breeze and you can except more festivities around various parts of the island.

Up in the north east mountains, above Valsequillo, the electric blue Tajinaste Azul de Gran Canaria is in full blossom right now. You can see these unique endemic flowering plants of blue and fuchsia concentrated especially around Tenteniguada Ravine.

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25 February Tuesday is Martes de Carnaval, Mardi Gras (also known as Pancake Day or shrove Tuesday) and is a local holiday in many municipalities around Gran Canaria including:
Las Palmas, Arucas, Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Firgas, Moya, Santa Brígida, Santa María de Guía, Tejeda, Teror, Valleseco


The “Once upon a time” Las Palmas Carnival is now evering its final week…  this great winter party, heralds imminent springtime, and continues throughout this weekend all the way through to Carnival Tuesday with the traditional Mardi Gras, Martes de Carnaval, which is also a public holiday in the capital. So expect busy streets and government offices and banks to be closed ahead of Ash Wednesday.

This Friday, Carnival chooses its Queen for 2020 at 21:00 on the main stage in Parque Santa Catalina. This is a ticketed event and will also be broadcast by RTVE across the globe, and on Televisión Canarias. The party continues at night with concerts in the entertainment area located next to the Cruise Ship Pier. El Muelle, from 23:00

On Saturday, family Carnival in Triana from 12:00 on the historic Calle Mayor de Triana. A lively street parade through the streets, for all audiences.  Later the Carnival in The Sun reaches Playa de Las Canteras at 17:00.  In the evening there is a pre-selection event for The Drag Queen Competition at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina (ticketed event). This will be broadcast by RTVE internationally and on Televisión Canaria.  The Carnival night at 22:30 with rap battles of the national level.

On Sunday, Santa Catalina does not rest.  In the morning, a meeting of all children’s murgas (satirical song groups) at 11:00 have their day concerts. Later its the best day for for the littlest ones in the family, with the Great Children’s Parade. Starting at 17:00 from Calle León y Castillo by the Metropole Swimming Club, heading to Santa Catalina Park, culminating with a big children’s party to end this big family day.

Monday 24 February Traditional Carnival at 19:00 in The Barranco del Guiniguada ( dress white and be prepared to be covered with talcum powder )
The ever-popular Drag Queen Gala is at 21:00 on stage in Parque Santa Catalina (ticket event) and a night of Carnival at 23:00 in Parque Santa Catalina

Tuesday 25 February Martes de Carnaval,  Carnival Tuesday (mardi gras etc.) A bank holiday in Las Palmas. Day time carnival celebrations in Santa Catalina at 12:00. At 18:00 a concert by Juanes.



La Aldea de San Nicolás, our westernmost municipality, celebrate Carnival of “A Thousand and One Nights” (The Arabian nights), from February 21 to March 14.

On Friday, there is a traditional street parade of educational centres from around the municipality at 10:00. In it the children, dressed in traditional costume, will parade through the main streets of La Aldea to finish with a dance in La Alameda, whilst all in attendance gorge themselves on traditional carnival tortillas.

On Saturday, starting at 11:00 Daytime Carnival in the town center offers festive fun for the whole family with attractions, activities and live music.

On Sunday, The Carnival Queen Gala will be held at the Centro de Majores on Calle Real. This event will feature the performance of Manu and his keyboards, which will liven up the dance.

Carnival Tuesday 25 February Once again, La Aldea de San Nicolás, with the help of the Community Development Cultural Project, will be the scene of one of the only Carnival celebrations on the Islands and which dates back to the beginning of the last century. Departure from La Gañanía at 17:30.

Children dressed goatskins horns and cowbells will be accompanied by a shepherd.  A masquerade typical of the area’s traditions ( dressed in old costumes, their faces covered with a veil or chin cloth, a cane in hand and a basket to collect offerings) where participants engage in thousands of pranks to get attention, asking for a pesetita or a small egg to make tortillas. Men dressed as women and women dressed as men.




The municipality of Gáldar has been celebrating their Carnival since February 14th and the party continues until the 28th. The theme for the 2020 festivities is “Cuentos y fábulas”, fairy tales and fables. Enjoy the first parade of the 2020 Carnival season in Gáldar this Friday.  

On Friday, the Parade at 18:30 from the old town and ends at Plaza de Santiago. On the same night, in the Plaza de Santiago the second mogollón, is a street party with national radio station  ‘Los 40 Principales’ with the performances of star djs Óscar Martínez, Danny Romero and Carlos Jean

On Saturday, the Family Carnival takes to the streets from 12:30 with performances by DJ Yone, La Chirimurga del Timple, the Guayedra Band, Aristides Moreno & 101 Brass Band, Los Salvapantallas, Los Lola and Aseres all at Plaza de Santiago.


Carnival celebrations continue in the municipality of Agüimes until 8 March. The theme for 2020 carnival is “Agüimes, a multicultural Carnival”.

On Saturday, the Carnival will be very active at Arinaga Beach, where the Street Carnival will be held for the third consecutive year. The party will begin for the little ones starting at 11:00 on Avenida Polizón, with music and children’s playground until 15:00. For the more adult carnivals there will also be fun with the performances of Yeray Socorro and Pepe Benavente, which will extend the party until 18:00, almost until the sun sets. A magnificent opportunity to enjoy carnival in a healthy and familiar environment.

Among the events of this year, the 38th edition of the prestigious murgas contest stands out, in which the thirteen murgueras groups of the municipality will take part. The previous phases took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 18 and 19, while the grand finale will be held on this Saturday in the Plaza del Rosario at 21:00.

See more Carnival celebrations in Agüimes by clicking here!


Something new to see in Arguineguin is The Ocean Rabbit Cup,  a jetsurf race (as in motorized surfboards) to be held from the main Marañuela beach in Arguineguin, which has been specially opened for this event. In addition to the race, there is a small trade show and stands with healthy-living products for visitors. There is no difference between men and women so all riders start in mixed classes.

On Saturday 14.00 – 16.00 – Qualification Round
On Sunday 10.00 – 12.00 – Heats 1-3 and 14.00 – 16.00 – Heat 4 and finals


The municipality of Santa Lucia celebrates Carnival between 20 February & 7 March. The theme this year is “Africa”.

On Sunday a Carnival in Colors will be held at the back of the Teatro Victor Jara. Starting at 12:00 for the whole family, there are inflatables for children, music performances and a great end of the party with ‘Holi-style’ colored powders.

There are also neighborhood celebrations in Balos and Sardina del Sur and in Santa Lucia Village.


On Sunday, a solidarity 5 km running race raising money for the national cancer association is in Maspalomas Stadium. This event is not only a competitive race, it also has a solidarity march with a children’s area, inflatables, food trucks and music. Funds go to the organizer AECC in order to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families in our Municipality

At 10:00 from the Maspalomas Stadium the children’s departure and at 11.00 it’s the adults turn.

The running race and the walk will cause some road closures and traffic restrictions in the area during th
e event. 


The highest altitude mountain village on the island, Artenara is celebrating Patronal Festivities of San Matias.

Held on the last Sunday in February, Saint Matias the Apóstol has been the Patron Saint of Artenara since the 17th century and was named the Patron of Pinares de Gran Canarian in 1996

On Sunday, the main day of festivities, there is a solemn eucharist at 12:00 followed by a religious and traditional procession with the image of San Matias at 13:00.14:30 A tribute in recognition to the work carried out by the Medio Ambiente15:00 a toast and dance with the Musical Group “Frecuencia Latina” in the Alameda


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