The Canary Islands are looking forward to a yellow advisory for rain this weekend, expected to affect the south of Gran Canaria and all of the islands to the west. More wet weather will again arrive on the islands from the early hours of Thursday morning and into Friday. Three storms are headed towards archipelago one after another, producing rain and wind which could well maintain instability through the weekend and well into next week.

Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET has forecast rainfall of up to 60 litres per square meter on this coming Friday, likely in all probability to continue for the rest of the weekend. The official yellow advisory warning will remain active from midday on Friday until midnight.

As the first wave of mid-Atlantic storm travels south, from its current position north west of the archipelago, southern areas of the islands will be the first affected by rain, as it whips around the depression in the middle of the ocean and travels north again lashing us with rain which will intensify during the day.

Strong seas are also expected from Thursday in the western isles with waves that should exceed 4 meters in height.

The skies will remain overcast with weak to moderate downpours becoming locally strong with the arrival of the first storms in the afternoon, affecting mainly southern and western slopes.

AEMET is predicting that instability will continue until Wednesday, February 28. Over the coming weekend, strong downpours are expected from Friday, potentially dying off on Saturday afternoon, once the first weather front has passed, only to be replace by early hours of Sunday with potentially more intense storm weather.

Temperatures will rise, especially at night and the winds will be predominantly from the southwest and may be strong at intervals.

As we move into next week, AEMET predict a third front “with rainfall and storms” likely to move across the archipelago, before finally moving on by middle of the week or thereafter.

Looks like dancing in the rain may well be narrowly avoided in Arguineguín this Saturday for the big carnival parade… though warm and wet it may become, we´re not going to let a drop or two of rain stop us are we?