Image: Fire in Mogán, David Clivet

Reports are coming in of emergency services being deployed to Pueblo de Mogán, the administrative capital of the municipality of Mogán, after a fire broke out in an area next to the village just before 1300.

A Canary Island government helicopter is at the scene bringing water from a nearby reservoir as fire crews try to bring the blaze under control.

Police and ambulance services have also been deployed to the scene.  There is currently no information regarding the cause of the incident nor whether any lives have been put at risk.

It is believed that the main fire is down in the barrancco de Mogán, below Molino de Viento, near the entrance to the village of Mogán.

We´ll bring you more as we get it.

New Year´s Day – Fire in Barranco de Mogán

Barranco Fire on New Year's Day

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Monday, January 1, 2018