Mogán Council have announced the opening, “one week ahead of schedule” of the GC-500 road between Arguineguín and Patalavaca. Use by pedestrian remains closed, while they await final reinforcement and renovation of the pedestrian promenade attached to the coastal to be  completed, however vehicles can now travel in both directions at a speed limited to 30 kilometers per hour and taking into account the signalling that remains in place until the road is finished.

Councilor for Works for Mogán, Ernesto Hernandez, stressed that “it has been possible to advance the opening by a week; thanks to good management and the efforts of both municipal workers and those of the construction company, who have stepped up work for that section so that it could be opened as soon as possible, mainly because we were aware of the inconvenience posed by the closure of this road“.

The counselor reports that the global bus company are aware of the reopening of the road and will enable their services via the GC-500 as normal from the afternoon of Friday, December 29″.

Hernandez emphasised that “they have had to overcome great difficulties in this work, such as the total closure of the road, since a Labour Inspection required safety conditions superior to those established in the safety plan.”

The work of the pedestrian promenade attached to the GC-500 is a project “of great difficulty, since part of the work complicating the project is the reinforcement of several sections of the walkway structure, which is 25 meters above sea level and which were badly damaged, even buttressed in some sections” Hernandez stated

Both the construction and municipal technicians will ensure that the work continues to run within the established deadlines, estimating the end of it to be in March 2018.

Well done Mogán and municipal workers.