A new case of Corona Virus positive on Gran Canaria adds to the six infections confirmed so far on the island.

The new case has been confirmed on the same day that the last two of the four Italians who tested positive on the island for Corona Virus have been admitted, alongside the first two of their group, to the main Insular Hospital, because of declining health, having been self-isolated in a holiday home in the south eastern coastal town of Arinaga (Agüimes) until this morning.

The new case was confirmed this Tuesday afternoon by Teresa Cruz, Minister of Health for the Government of the Canary Islands, in the regional Parliament.  This raises the number of confirmed cases on Gran Canaria to seven.

There are currently 21 active cases of Covid-19 Corona Virus in the Canary Islands and five discharged cases,  having been given the all clear following a full recovery, to total 26 confirmed cases so far declared in the archipelago.  The number could be much higher.

On Gran Canaria, the seven active cases include a new one declared this afternoon, four Italian citizens and there are two more cases, two Dutch citizens who are self isolation on the south of the island.

On Tenerife there are 13 cases, one of which tested positive this Tuesday. Four were from the same group of Italian citizens who were hospitalised on the island after their discovery led to an entire hotel being placed under quarantine, three of them without symptoms and one with symptoms. Beyond that group, there has been one more person hospitalised and the others are all in home self isolation.

Finally, in Fuerteventura there is one case thus far registered who is also in home isolation.

The news comes as President Pedro Sanchez has declared an emergency requiring a “global response”, having stopped all flights from affected countries into Spain, and shut schools in the worst affected areas, including central Madrid, as the number of infected throughout Spain has today risen to more than 1600 people, 35 of whom have died, and 30 of whom have been declared as having recovered.  Spain is currently the 5th worst affected nation after China, Italy, Iran and South Korea, with the global total climbing towards 120,000 people confirmed as having been infected, more than 4,000 dead, and most notably more than 64,000 people having already recovered.

Spain's President Pedro Sanchez talks of global response

President Pedro Sanchez has just said:

"It is a global emergency that needs a coordinated and multilateral response. It has a public health and an economic dimension. In the face of a global emergency, a global response is essential to defeat the virus."


"I will be even clearer, with a determination that is maximum on the part of the Government of Spain: to combat this Public Health emergency, we will do whatever it takes, where ever it is needed and whenever it is needed and together we will overcome this crisis"

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Global pandemic, nearly 120,000 confirmed cases, more than 64,000 already recovered, and more than 4,200 dead

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