Mid November with an Autumnal chill already in the night time air. AEMET, the Spanish state meteorological agency are predicting a weekend a touch cooler than we have enjoyed over the last few.  The south will see some cloudy skies, with highs of around 22ºC in the shade with a small possibility of rain, a touch more cloud to the north, particularly at the summits, with plenty some more rain coming in set to turn the island ever more verdant. There is even a snow level prediction for the weekend at 1800 meters so let’s see if we finally get that first frosting of the winter up on the highest peaks.

The largest regional fair in the south is happening in the south-eastern town of Ingenio this weekend, offering a wide range of local produce direct from farmers, artisans, craftspeople and various other stall holders. It’s the last weekend of the Fiestas de San Gregorio in Gran Canaria’s second city Telde, an animal fair at Santa Catalina’s Miller Building in the capital and many other events and happening to go and see over the coming weekend.

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TCG 39 November 15-17 2019

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Posted by TheCanary.TV on Friday, November 15, 2019


The Tri-Municipal commonwealth of the Southeast are celebrating their 16th Agriculture, Craft, Livestock and Tourism Fair bringing together producers and crafts people from across Ingenio, Agüimes & Santa Lucia for the largest event of its kind showing off primary sector produce and livestock in a Three Counties Fair styled event that emphasises sustainability and renewables, and brings together this innovative alliance of communities in the run up to the peak winter season.

The Agriculture, Handicrafts, Livestock and Tourism fair, are this year to be held along Avenida Carlos V in Carrizal in the municipality of Ingenio. The region’s most important event, in which farmers, producers and artisans from across the region offer their best produce directly to the public. Around 150 stalls will showcase artisans and the agrifood sector of this important “Comarca” and will turn Avenida Carlos V into a buzzing experience of vibrant colours, sounds and flavours.

The Southeast Fair, the most important of its kind in the Canary Islands, was founded sixteen years ago to support the “primary sector” of the area. More than 100,000 visitors are expected to attend throughout the course of the weekend.

Not just any fair, this event is an outstanding symbol of unity between the three townhalls of Ingenio, Agüimes and Santa Lucía, who 29 years ago joined forces to form the South East Commonwealth and to fight against their common challenges in a land ravaged by drought, that until quite recently was known as the “triangle of poverty” on the island.  Today these efforts and alliances represent an astounding success story, with continued growth across all three populations, having innovated far ahead of the rest of Gran Canaria to become the first to produce all of their municipal electricity, and meet all of their desalinated municipal water needs, using wind power.  Even if you didn’t know their story, you will have seen their long standing wind farms on the south east of the island which have been producing clean energy and water for them for many, many years and which has become a model for future development among coastal communities across the world, and in particular all the way down the west coast of Africa.

On Friday and Saturday 10:00-22:00 and on Sunday 10:00-15:00 


The festivities in honour of San Gregorio are coming to an end this weekend in Telde

On Friday, a night of Wine and Tapas will enliven Plaza de San Gregorio starting at 21:00 with live music. On Saturday an artisans exhibition on Plaza de San Gregorio starts from 10:00. In the evening at 20:00 the 8th Song festival. Along Ramblas de Pedro Lezcano Montalvo there is a 4×4 exhibition from 10:00, from 17:00 a Circus show, and at 22:00 a Verbena, a street party with music and at midnight a firework show.

On Sunday the artisanal exhibition continues on Plaza de San Gregorio from 10:00. At 13:00 Canarian folk music groups perform followed at 14:00 by tastings of Potaje Canario, the traditional Canarian rustic stew. Later at 19:00 a Eucharist mass and religious procession.

Along Ramblas de Pedro Lezcano Montalvo there will be a cattle exhibition at 10:00


A Saturday in the capital filled with workshops, dog shows, exhibitions, master classes, conferences and much more in the iconic Miller building, just beside the Elder museum in Parque Santa Catalina. See the full program below.

In the Miller building:

  • 12:30 and 17:00 -Adoption catwalk of the dogs rescued by the Albergue de Bañaderos Gran Canaria’s Insular Animal Shelter
  • 14:30 – Competition for the most elegant senior dog
  • 11:30 – Exhibition of service, assistance dog
  • 10:30-18:30 – Children’s workshops
  • 10:30-18:30 – Take a funky photo with you and your dog
  • 18:00 – Competition of the most beautiful mix breed dog

and throughout the day there will be a range of educational talks in Spanish language.

Outside the Miller building there are exhibitions all day from police dog agility to French Ring starting from 10:30.

French Ring Sport is a dog sport involving jumping, obedience (breaking in exercises), and bite work. Obedience is emphasised in all three sections when competing in Ring; the dog has no collar or leash on at any time except during the heel on leash.



Every Friday the usually sleepy, picturesque resort-cum-fishing port town of Playa and Puerto de Mogán get busy with their huge weekly street market.

It becomes a bustling place to visit any Friday and a good opportunity to enjoy a relaxed but a busy market that sprawls down leafy avenues between the port & beach and stretches up the entry to the Mogán valley.  There is a great atmosphere as well with plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants in the area and often live music too. Friday is market day in Playa de Mogán!


The big Weekend Market of Santa Brigida, in the northeastern inland area of the island, celebrated its 33rd anniversary this summer. This upscale village market in the centre of the town, is where local people and visitors get local produce: varieties of cheese, country bread, jams and marmalades, naturally produced honey and a variety of confectionery.

This beautiful old town was where British aristocrats and merchants of the 18th and 19th century first came to visit on health holidays, making it one of the first tourism destinations on Gran Canaria. It is still home for many aristocratic families and their gorgeous country houses.

This Sunday, as part of the “Santa Brigida con vino” program, there is a special local redwine monograph, or specialist exhibition, starts at 11:00 as well as live music at 11:30 

Very much worth visiting this lovely old famous town in the hills overlooking the captial, which is also home to the Casa del Vino wine museum where you can discover more about Gran Canaria wines and production.

Opening hours : Saturdays 8:00-20:00 and Sundays 8:00-14:00 



The 7th Binter NightRun on Saturday in the capital will bring together 4500 runners in different categories.

At 19:00 a 1 km solidarity run and the Trophy for Athletes with Disabilities and an hour later the Individual Half Marathon (21,097 meters), and the Half Marathon with teams of three runners where each one faces a seven kilometer stretch, and the massive 10K run.

The start and finishing point is on Calle Venegas (near the Fuente Luminoso) and will undoubtly be buzzing. There is also to be a concert at the fountain by “Ginsonics” 19:45-21:45.



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