Slackline Kevin Vega in Tamadaba over Agaete on the north west coast of Gran Canaria

video of tight rope walking dare devil and acrobat, Kevin Vega, crossing a Tamadaba ravine, in the ancient north west mountains of Gran Canaria, with a panoramic view of the port town of Agaete in the background, has seemingly gone viral.

The slackline walker directly challenges the forces of nature as he crosses the expanse, using little more than a “slackline” and a simple harness at the top of the Tamadaba Natural Park, more than 500 meters above sea level. In the background you can clearly sea the town of Agaete, the Puerto de las Nieves, and the Juncal bridge, which delimits the border of the municipality with the neighbouring Royal city of Gáldar, one of two ancient, prehispanic captials on the island.

The video, described as “hypnotic” by local Spanish language daily La Provincia, lasts 5 minutes and shows how the ‘man without vertigo’, a member of the extreme sports enthusiasts group Slackline Canarias, travels across the thin rope watched in amazement by those who were there last Sunday in the heights of Agaete to witness his daring feat.

Below are some more of the images taken on the day, published on the Slackline Canarias facebook page…