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Author: The Canary

Weather: Dry African dust over Gran Canaria, with temperatures reaching up towards the mid 20s

This first week in December on Gran Canaria has begun with a mass of dusty Saharan air reaching the island and looking set to continue through Tuesday and Wednesday, with moderate winds blowing in from the African continent bringing Calima (Saharan Air Layer) to the archipelago in high concentrations for the next few days or so. According to the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), desert dust concentrations should reach their peak around Wednesday, meaning there could well be some great sunsets and sunrises to see over the next couple of days. As is normal at this time of year inland parts of of the...

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Event: Doggie Race Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2017

Parque Romano will host “Doggie Race Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2017” on 16 and 17 December , a race in which dogs will be the real stars. The initiative, which includes workshops, talks, dog shows and other activities, seeks to raise awareness about the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for Pet Friendly spaces. On December 16, the race for the care and adoption of pets is being celebrated, a unique and special race where people and their pet dogs run as a family. The race is to have two categories. In the Runner Category the runners...

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“Hunting” cows, donkeys, horses, sheep and goats labelled barbaric by animal protectors and hunters.

According to La Provincia, the Canary Islands Government Vice-Ministry of the Environment of the of the is preparing a decree project that will include production animals (cows, pigs, goats, horses and donkeys) among big game species authorised for hunting. Article 2 of the text, whose public exhibition process ended on the 13th of November, says “wild game animals are considered [to include] feral production animals”, which “have been abandoned after the closure of their farm and that” lack identification or apparent signs of ownership or possession by a person”. The proposed law covers various methods of hunting and stalking...

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Federation of African Associations in the Canary Islands warn of likely increase in people trafficking

The Federation of African Associations in the Canary Islands has warned that arrivals of irregular immigrants to the Islands could be on the increase, which it considers to be a symptom of a diversion towards the Atlantic by those who seek to leave the African continent and find it increasingly difficult to do so via the Mediterranean. “We are seeing how cayucos [small, unseaworthy boats] have returned carrying 60, 80 and up to 100 people”, in what they see as a return to “the year 2006”, according to the secretary general, Teodoro Bondyale, who maintains that this fact shows that...

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Another fire, thought deliberate, destroys 4 vehicles near Las Palmas. Suspect sought

A fire in the early hours of Monday on the outskirts of Gran Canaria´s capital Las Palmas, has mobilised firemen and municipal police to the scene at about 1430 where a total of four vehicles were burned , three of them ambulances and the fourth, a van. All of them, according to Local Police, were vehicles abandoned on a plot in near Calle Tablero de Gonzalo, in the neighbourhood of Salto del Negro . The National Police have taken charge of investigating the incident. The blaze follows a similar one on Saturday morning, when eight ambulances were destroyed in Telde, in a fire that is believed to have been intentional. This latest incident...

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