It’s San Juan, one of the biggest celebration weekends on Gran Canaria and elsewhere with various festivities observed for the midsummers night and summer solstice that with a mixture traditional fiestas, midnight dips in the sea and various rituals with bonfires and fireworks. Every municipality and neighbourhood is likely to have their own bonfire and some will add fireworks in to the mix. As long as there is no fire warnings the traditional bonfires will be on and there are strict rules to be followed. Expect a lot of smoke in the air on Sunday afternoon.

Monday is also a bank holiday in some of the island municipalities; Las Palmas for its foundational festivities and  Artenara, Arucas, Valsequillo, Telde for their festivities in honour of San Juan Bautista.



On Friday, a concert for the old quarter at Plaza de Santa Ana at 21:00. “Una noche de trova” with Olga Cerpa and Mestisay who have invited Cuban artist Ivette Cepeda.
On Saturday, from 10:00 to 12:30 a Lucía Del Palo stick fighting tournament at Plaza de Saulo Torón – Las Canteras beach.
at 17:00 Sailing Regatta Latino Contest, between the La Laja tunnel and the mouth of the Sports Pier, the bay area.
At 21:00
Concert by Lila Downs: “Al Chile” Annex of the Plaza de la Música. Free admission.

On Sunday, the traditional bonfires on the eve of San Juan in different parts of the city and a collective dip in the sea taken by thousands of people at the Las Canteras beach. Earlier, at 12:00 midday for the children at the annex to Plaza de la musica;  Totó the clown  ( Totó el Payaso) and music from  La Fantástica Band. Between 10:00 to 14:00 the traditional stick fighting workshops at Plaza de Saulo Torón – on Las Canteras beach. There is also Canarian Lucía Canaria wrestling on the beach of Las Canteras – at the height of La Cícer at 11:00

The Night of San Juan in Las Palmas between 21:00 – 02:00. Concerts by Ketama, Puerto Candelaria and Última llave on the stage built right on the beach at Plaza Saulo Torón and at midnight Fireworks from La Puntilla – Playa de las Canteras

On Monday,  For children at 12:00 at the annex to Plaza de la musica ; duo  Fetén Fetén and Yiyolo Stratto.

22-24 JUNE, TELDE 

The northeastern “Royal City” of Telde have been celebrating their patron saint festivities in honour of Saint John the Baptist for a week or more already. The church of San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist) de Telde is the true spiritual centre of Telde. Monday the 24th is also a local bank holiday in the municipality.

The history of the area of San Juan is rooted in pre-Hispanic times. It is known that the area was one capitals of the two great “kingdoms” of the old Tamarán (Gran Canaria) and as such the city has lots of examples of the old Canarias, with around a hundred archaeological points of interest.

On Saturday, ‘Carrera de Caballos’ at 17:00 with 12 horses participating in the race on the Autovía Telde.  (The horses will have a veterinarian control at 16:00). The race will also cause some traffic restriction for the duration of the event.

On Sunday, artisans will exhibit their works for sale from 10:00-21:00 at Plaza San Juan and the day will be enlivened by a municipal band at 12:30. There is also animation for children with workshops and bouncy castles between 10:00-13:00.
At 19:30, a solemn eucharist at the church which is followed by a religious procession through the streets.
At 22:00 “verbena” a party with Panamaribe orchestra.
Later in the evening a bonfire at Barranco de Real at 23:30 followed by fireworks at midnight.

Festive Day Monday 24.6. At Plaza San Juan, a sample of artisans will exhibit from 10:00-21:00 at Plaza San Juan, a shearing exhibition at 11:00 and at 11:30 animation for children with workshops and bouncy castles. Music by “Los Granjeros” at 12:30 and tasting of Potaje at 13:00.
Exhibitions and workshops of traditional Canarian games between 10:00-14:00.
At 19:30, a solemn eucharist at the church which is followed by a religious procession through the streets.


Corpus Christi is a special religious event celebrated in major towns and villages around the island, many of which will decorate their streets using colourful “carpets” of salt and dyed sawdust, flowers, and by building small altars. Communities have their own traditions when it comes to Corpus Christi.

One of the most famous displays will be in Arucas on Saturday, near the north coast of the island. From 07:00 to 16:00 the streets of Arucas surrounding the church will be decorated with handmade “carpets” of salt, flowers and leaf.
At 18:30 a mass at the church and at 19:30 the main religious procession.


The swimming pool in the extraordinary and beautiful little village of Tejeda will re-open once again for the summer season. The pool will be open all summer. The pool is located up in the mountains with some awesome views and is the highest public pool on the island. With the hot summer ahead, its one of the best places to cool down boasting special views from the hear of Gran Canaria.

The pool is open from Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00 and Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00-20:00.


Gran Canaria will celebrate the III Romantic Night of Tejeda along with 400 villages in Spain, France, Italy and Belgium where it is expected that more than one million people will simultaneously celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice and with an estimated 170,000 encouraged to participate in the challenge to find  ‘The most beautiful kiss in the world’.

Tejeda will be the only Canarian municipality that turns its streets into the perfect place to spend a night lit only by candles and garlands, an exceptional landscape and the starry sky for which Gran Canaria has been recognized as a Starlight Tourist Destination.

The Third Romantic Night of Tejeda is accompanied by a complete program of activities that will start at 18:00 with the performance of the singer from La Pampa on the streets of the municipality, as well as the music of the Twin Up duo that will offer a repertoire of themes Inspired by love.  At 20.30, there will be the storytelling show ‘Stories, Laughter and Sighs’ by Elisabeth Espín and then, at 21:30, a performance by José Manuel Ramos with an orchestra inspired by the 1940s.  The most special moment will be during the “lights off at 23.00” in which, under a starry sky, the time will have come for ‘The most beautiful kiss in the world’. Thousands of people in the participating countries will show their affection, their affection or their eternal love, illuminated only by the warmth of the candles, lanterns and small lights that will be placed in the streets of the town. At 23.15 you can enjoy a workshop ‘Night of astronomy’ by AstroEduca, which will take place in the Plaza del Mirador of the City Council and with which you can enjoy the sky of Tejeda for much of the night. At 23:30, again the narrative with Elisabeth Espin and her ‘Erotic Tales’ to pass to the final pin, at 00.30, Cuban traditional music with’ Son de Caney, in the parking place new.


as part of patronal festivities of San Juan Bautista in Arucas, there is an artisans, trade and traditional fair going on all day at the Parque municipal de la Flores from 10:00-23:00. Samples, tastings and sale of artisanal and alternative products. Performance of parrandas and folkloric groups throughout the day.

Later at 21.00 a concert by Deblu, with a tribute to Queen at Plaza de San Juan. At midnight there is a firework spectacle at explanada de la Montaña de Arucas which is followed by a concert by Arkano and a DJ Joel Valdivia at 00:15 at Plaza de San Juan


Mogán municipality celebrates the night of San Juan in Playa de Mogán on Sunday.

The party will begin at 9:30 p.m. with the popular corn barbecue and theater and dance show ‘The Four Elements’, carried out by the local Artistic Schools on the beach and in the water.

Shortly after, music by the group ‘Los Salvapantallas, followed by the great bonfire of San Juan and the fireworks show. The evening will continue with the festival offered by Güira Latina music group.



Every year Santa Lucia does something extra as well as activities normally related to festivities of San Juan. Every year they present a spectacle with a different theme each year ( last year it was the circus of horrors).
At 22:00 the multidisciplinary audiovisual show “Clans”

Synopsis of the show: With the North American attack on Nagasaki and Hiroshima the fear of attacks with nuclear weapons began in the world. The war then stopped being located to become multiple scenarios of a possible attack with the worst weapon of mass destruction, the atomic bomb. And the fears became reality and those imagined devastated worlds in which the protagonists struggled to survive among the ruins of the cities, became a reality.
And from the nuclear hecatomb arose a new civilization in which isolated groups of survivors, formed a new social order, ine very different from that of today’s. There are cities in this new world similar to those of today and where they have managed to maintain a certain order with a dictatorial regime and an army under their command.
But outside this urban nucleus there are clans formed by beings, which as a result of the exposure of their predecessors to radiation suffered during the war, have developed mutations and changes in their genetic structure, have evolved and acquired new capabilities. Because their peculiarities make them different from the dominant majority they are discriminated against and separated from the society and used as slaves, soldiers and labor to obtain resources for the metropolis. They are the “CLANS”

Later,  aquatic fireworks at 23:00 followed by a concert by the group Los Lolas at 23:30.

There will be traffic restriction in Pozo Izquierdo so please follow the signs. The area in front of the International Windsurfing Center will have free parking and there will also be a taxi stand at Avenida Punta de Tenefé.


in Playa del Ingles in the public square at shopping centre Anexo starting at 19:00, shows, music and fireworks.

Other festivities in the municipality

Playa de El Pajar : the lovely seaside community El Pajar by the cement factory, is celebrating San Juan starting at 21:00
Castillo del Romeral: at the centro cultural at 21:00 a popular sweet corn barbecue
Fataga : bonfire and a sweet corn barbecue at at the plaza starting at 19:00
Tunte : bonfire and barbecue at 19:00 at Plaza de Tunte and parking lot



Gáldar celebrate the Night of San Juan Marinero 2019 at the beach of Sardina, starting at 22:00