Occasional showers this Thursday, predicted by Spanish State Meteorological Association AEMET, on Gran Canaria mainly inland throughout the middle of the day, could be strong in places. Rain less likely elsewhere. Temperatures with few changes. Variable wind weak, with breezes along the coasts.

Cloudy skies continue on Friday, particularly on the north of the island. Occasional showers again in inland areas, possibly quite strong in places. There is a low probability of some isolated storm weather in the western islands, where yellow advisories have been put in place. Highs of 21ºC in the shade with lows of 13ºC. Variable wind weaks from the south west,  more intense and turning northerly by the end of the day.

Cloudy skies continue into Saturday, with a yellow advisory on the north of Gran Canaria for expected rainfall, particularly inland from around midday. Probable occasional showers strong in places around Gran Canaria during the day time. Temperatures staying pretty much the same. Moderate winds from the north.

Sunday will start with cloudy intervals and a low probability of continued rainfall. Temperatures rising slightly, and moderate winds from the north.

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