Spanish State Meterological Agency AEMET has issued a yellow advisory warning for rains expected interrupt the blue skies of the south and to cross the whole of the island this Friday afternoon and into Saturday continuing on the north of the island and inland, though the south should clear up as we move through the weekend.

Cloudy intervals look set to punctuate the normally sunny south of Gran Canaria with the probability of occasional showers, particularly heavy in the north and inland, which may become stormy, over the rest of Friday afternoon, as well as bringing rain to the rest of the Canary Islands.

At sea there will be variable winds of force 2 or 3, mainly north. Marejadilla or curly. Northwest sea of ​​1 to 2 meters. Occasional showers with breezes in coastal areas.

Temperatures liable to change little with highs of 22ºC in the shade, hotter in direct sunlight.