A cyclist has tragically died after going over the hood of an oncoming car, in a traffic accident on Gran Canaria’s GC-505 road to Soria, in municipality of Mogán.

The accident happened around 6:00pm on Friday evening just beyond the Km16 marker on the road popular with resident and visitor cycling enthusiast. The 63 year old man, as reported by witnesses at the scene, appears to have been hit while travelling down hill, possibly at speed, on one of the more winding sections of the road, snaking between the mountain neighbourhoods of Las Filipinas and Baranquillo de Andres, he was pronounced dead at the scene.  The car appears to have been travelling in the other direction.

A call to the 1-1-2 emergency and security co-ordination centre led to the immediate deployment of the SUC Canarian Emergency Services to provide basic life support via ambulance and helicopter. In attendance were a doctor from the Arguineguín health centre, agents of the Guardia Civil, and members of the Mogán Observations Civil Protection volunteers, Policia Local also attended.

Traffic was held in both directions while the Protección Civil collaborated with health and safety officials and the Guardía Civil made their report after speaking at length to the driver of the car and making the necessary arrangements with the judicial authority.