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1,850 kilos of cocaine intercepted near the Canary Islands

1,850 kilos of cocaine intercepted near the Canary Islands

Policia Nacional intercepted a sailboat in waters near the Canary Islands transporting approximately 1,850 kilos of cocaine, in a joint operation with customs officials. Three crew members were arrested, an English national and two French.

The operation, called ‘GRU’, began in 2015 when Customs Surveillance by the Spanish Tax Agency and National Police initiated investigations into a criminal organisation dedicated to the trafficking of narcotics by sea using sailboats.

Their modus operandi was to charter a recreational craft that either moved the drug directly to Spanish ports hidden in compartments, or made the transshipment on the high seas to other vessels that were responsible for introducing the drug into the country. Later the drugs were stored in “care centres” until eventual distribution on the black market.

As a result of the international collaboration with the British authorities (NCA) and the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre on Drug Trafficking (MAOC-N), and with the support of the Centre for Intelligence Against Terrorism and the Organized Crime Division (CITCO) along with the Ministry of Defense, a possible transportation of drugs was detected aboard a sailing-type vessel, of unknown name, heading towards the Spanish coasts where the merchandise would be transferred to another vessel.

At first it was suspected that the drug was being transported by a vessel that would have received the drug off the coast of Surinam. However, the investigation later determined that it could have transferred the drug to another vessel, similarly a sailboat whose name was unknown, but which was about 300 miles from the Canary Islands and bound for the archipelago.

A naval air operation was deployed and, the Tax Agency patrol boat ‘Petrel I’ confirmed the location of a sailboat of about 12 meters in length, with the same white hull that had been indicated, with the support of the Spanish air force.

Finally, in the early hours of June 20 and 240 nautical miles ( 444.48 km ) west of the Canary Islands, the ‘Petrel’ proceeded to board the ‘Pepper Sauce’ sailboat, flying the English flag, with all three of its crew members being arrested. Inside the boat, a total of 61 bales of cocaine with an approximate weight of 1,850 kilos were located.

After obtaining the mandatory judicial authorisations, the sailboat, was towed by the ‘Petrel’, to arrive in the port of Las Palmas where the detainees, the drugs and the boat were made available to the relevant judicial authorities.

News report of Arguineguín altercation, resulting in one migrant arrested, also lists multiple reports of disturbances in Puerto Rico

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Alleged theft from Arguineguin port shrine under investigation

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Police say they have stopped a criminal gang that transferred “several hundreds” of migrants by boat from Morocco to the Canary Islands

Spain's National Police say they have stopped a criminal gang that transferred "several hundreds" of migrants by boat from Morocco to the Canary Islands, in particular to the islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. 19 were detained in the operation, 17 of Moroccan...

The Mogán Town Council condemns the use of any type of violence and incitement to hatred and calls for the calm of residents

At last something like leadership as Mogán town hall condemns all violence and incitement of hatred, in particular the angry mob who visited the apartment complex yesterday where migrants, unconnected to the original events, are being temporarily accommodated. They...

Activist Emma Colao hunger strike to protest delinquent Mogán mayor’s eviction of The Food Project #SaveTheFoodProject

Canarian trans-feminist and gender rights activist Emma Colao, from the association EQUAL LGTBI+, has announced radical action in an effort to try to highlight the need to #SaveTheFoodProject in Mogán. From this Wednesday, September 23 at 10:00 a.m. she has declared a...

Opposition leader in Mogán calls for immediate resignation of Mayor

The political party, Nueva Canarias in Mogán, on the south west coast of Gran Canaria, has demanded the immediate resignation of Mayor Onalia Bueno, this Thursday, along with her entire government group, after the president and two of her councillors were this morning...

Mogán mayor arrested and town hall forcibly closed by Guardia Civil searching for evidence of vote rigging in 2019

The Mayor of Mogán has been arrested alongside at least two of her councillors, Mencey Navarro and Tanya Alonso, under suspicion of serious electoral fraud, and the alleged rigging of the local elections by offering favours and even cash in exchange for postal votes....

Mogán now accuses Neighbourhood Food Project of sanitary, technical and social irregularities

The Mogán Town Hall has angrily responded to questions about their surprise decision to evict The Food Project from municipal premises in Arguineguín, accusing the association of various breaches of contract

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Salvamento Marítimo (Marine Rescue) on Tuesday night saved 33 people adrift on board an open boat about six nautical miles southwest of Gran Canaria, according to the 112 Canary Islands Emergency and Security Coordinating Centre. Canary Islands 112 were alerted to the...

€100 Fines for failure to comply with masks rules

The Canary Islands Government will activate increased controls this weekend to guarantee the use of masks as one of the most fundamental measures of protection against COVID 19. Special vigilance is to be carried out at recreational and festive gatherings such as...

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