Well its a very warm last weekend of October ahead, with Halloween just around the corner, the shops are filled with commercial stuff like pumpkins and costumes to celebrates the eve of All Saints’ Day next week. Many festivities are happening around the island also on Monday and Tuesday, particularly the local day of the dead, Finaos, where families gather to tell stories of the dearly departed and remember their more recent ancestors. Wednesday, 1st of November is a National bank Holiday, so government offices and buildings, banks etc will be closed for “Día de todos Los Santos” and a lot of the local Canarias will spend that with family.

Here are few of the lovely events happening on Gran Canaria this weekend.

Remember that after this Saturday night, at 2am, the clocks are turned back by an hour to
1am on Sunday, 29 October 2017.

27-29 October, Vecindario, Santa Lucia 

Las Fiestas Patronales de San Rafael (20-29 oct)

The last weekend of celebrations for the Patron Saint of Vecindario; festivities of San Rafael. The Weekend includes among other events :

On Friday, starting at 17:00 childrens fiesta with inflatables and workshops in the pedestrian area and at 22:00 concert from music groups.

On Saturday, Romeria, the pilgrimage offering with carriages and participants starting to arrive at 17:30 to Cruce de Sardina (in front of the post office) and the procession will start at 18:30 and travelling to Plaza de San Rafael.  Then the Verbena, evening street party from 23:00 with 2 music groups and at midnight a firework show.

On Sunday, a cattle fair between 09:00-14:00 at the recinto ferial  at 12:00 a religious procession and from 21:00 The Gran Fiesta – ending party with the popular traditional music group: Los Gofiones

27-28 October, Villa de Moya 

XII Ruta de Tapas, Villa de Moya 

Villa de Moya celebrates the “XII tapas route” on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 October “from the coast to the summit”. More than twenty bars and restaurants offer delicious appetisers accompanied by a glass of wine , beer or soda at the price of just €2.50 (tapa + drink). Visitors have a free bus service that will connect all the restaurants registered to the route, from El Pagador to Fontanales between 13:00 to 22:00.  well worth a day out in this famous northern town and surrounding rural areas.



Friday 27 October, Las Palmas 

“Bulevar del vino” Noche de vinos & tapas 

It’s another lovely night of wine & tapas and this time in front of the commercial centre Siete Palmas. In the centre area of Avenida de Pintor Felo Monzón, there is going to be a wine & tapas boulevard, just in front of the shopping centre. From 19:30 to 23:00 Canarian wines and tapas with very nice prices of €1 and €2.



Friday 27 October, Telde 

Telde y Moya comparten Sabores 

Telde and Moya share Flavors; an event about gastronomy delights with Telde and Moya sharing their flavors between 12:00-22:00 in ZSA San Gregorio, the open commercial area of ​​San Gregorio in Telde.


Saturday 28 October, Santa Lucia 

Mercado Agrícola y Ganadero

Have you ever visited the farmers market in Vecindario?

The Agricultural Market in La Karpa, offers the opportunity to purchase fresh produce directly from the primary sector (farmer) at an adjusted price. Vegetables, fruits, honey, cheeses, oil, bread and sweets are some of the produce that can be found, constituted to support the primary sector of the region. The freshest products at your fingertips.

From 09:00-14:00

Saturday 28 October, Telde 

Telde Cambia a la hora 

A lovely event “Telde changes the hour” on Saturday.

Starting at 11:00-14:30 and 17:30-20:30 many activities for children in the area.

Artisan fair 11:00-00:00 at Plaza de San Gregorio. In the evening at 20:00 starts the musical offer with bands performing 










Saturday 28 October, Las Palmas 

Hospital San Roque LPA Night run 2017

There is a running competition happening in Las Palmas in the evening, starting at 20:30. The start and finish of the race is going to be on Calle Venegas for both distances (10km and a half marathon) and will have the participation of more than 4200 runners including runners from UK, Germany and other countries.

From the start, the race route will run to Paseo de Las Canteras going through streets like; Luis Doreste Silva, León y Castillo, Pío XII, Mesa y López, parque de Santa Catalina y General Mas de Gaminde.

When there is a sporting event going on, it will also mean major street closures and parking restrictions in the area.

28-29 October, Holiday World Maspalomas

Halloween happenings 

On Saturday and Sunday take part in their HALLOWEEN challenge & treasure hunt. For each treasure found or challenge passed you will receive a stamp in your Halloween PASSPORT. If you come with your friends you can form a group (max 5 per group). But you can also try the challenges alone.

The HALLOWEEN challenges start at 18:30, 19:30 and 20:30

The ticket is 20€. On purchase you’ll receive your Holiday World Challenge PASSPORT which gives you access to 1 hour of Funpark fun, games, prizes, trampolines, basketball etc…

Also happening in Holiday world :
31st of October at 19:00 enjoy “The Halloween Hotel” with your friends from the puppet theatre: Get a hug from the Mummy, hear the snarl of Igor or get a bite of our Bracula.
At 20:30 Puppet workshop.

Playground Park on the 2nd floor:
28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of October
Halloween workshop and games

Sunday 29 October, Puerto Rico, Mogán

Farmer’s market and handicrafts

Every fortnight, on a Sunday, in an ideal setting surrounded by palm trees and to the sound of typical Canarian music, early in the morning there is a farmers and crafts market.

Locally grown fruits and vegetables, cheese, sweets and so much more. This weekend also  the new market season starts, so there are also tastings of typical Canarian delights.

The market is open from 08:30-14:30