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Spain has ordered all incoming flight passengers to spend 14 days in quarantine

Spain has ordered all incoming flight passengers to spend 14 days in quarantine

In a clear demonstration that the coronavirus crisis is still a long way from over, Spain’s Ministry of Health have announced they will require all visitors from abroad spend 14 days in quarantine if they enter the country after May 15 2020.

The new order from the Ministry of Health, published on Tuesday in the BOE Official State Gazette, says that the objective is “to limit the risks derived from international traffic of people” during the de-escalation of the so-called “lockdown” confinement measures that were decreed on March 14 to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Travel agencies and transport companies must inform their clients about the new regulations before selling any tickets to Spain, or any major tourist destination, and airlines must ensure that their passengers fill out a “location card” in case they need to be contacted following the journey.

Spain has today confirmed 176 new deaths in the last 24 hours from coronavirus, this Tuesday afternoon, making a current total of 26,920. In addition, 426 new infections were registered following laboratory tests, which brings the total number of confirmed infections so-far detected in the country now to 269,520.

These figures are slightly higher than those of the previous day, but the records habitually show an increase on Tuesdays due to mismatches with the reports from the weekend.

So far about 140,000 people have already fully recovered after contracting the coronavirus, the Health Ministry said.

Approximately half of Spain have begun to enjoy a less restrictive version of the confinement as they entered the second stage of a four stage plan on Monday, to try to return to some new version of normal in the post covid19 world.  There are continuing concerns over the potential for a second wave of infections, and so the Spanish government is trying not to take too many chances.

A report from the Spanish Army, seen last week, has highlighted the probability of a second and perhaps even third wave of the pandemic, expected to reach Spain, as more than 182 countries around the globe struggle to contain this new virus, for which we have few counter measures other than total avoidance when possible.

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  1. Andrew Whiteman

    If your required to have some sort of health passport before you can you enter Spain with the virus.therefor why the need for the quarentine…does that mean you have to quarentine a further 2 weeks coming into the UK..even if you don’t have it.who on earth is going to put themselves through that just to have a week in the thing to do is stop all visitors indefinitely and try tob eradicate the virus first..i fear it will get to the stage where every country that relies on tourism to survive will be forced into opening up its borders at some stage irrespective of how many people are catching and dying from order to stop countries going bankrupt.


    Whenever Spain puts out information like this, does it necessarily mean it will be the same for The Canary Islands, or will the islands ask for special treatment as the cases of the virus have been minimal?

    • Kevin Agastra

      This is what I want answering too as I have a holiday there on July 3rd