The Canary Islands Ministry of Health report 63 active cases of coronavirus COVID-19 this Friday 13th and 7 recovered, representing a total of 70 accumulated cases confirmed in the archipelago so far.

Of these, 18 people are hospitalised, 3 of them serious; two in Gran Canaria and one in Tenerife.

Tenerife now has 45 positive active cases and 5 recovered and discharged, two of which have occurred in the last hours. This means 50 accumulated cases on Tenerife so far.

On Gran Canaria there are 13 active cases; Lanzarote has two cases; La Palma, also has two cases, Fuerteventura, one and the two cases have  been registered in La Gomera.

Coronavirus hotline

For the sake of everyone and the provision of the best care where it is needed the most, the entire population is asked to use all resources rationally and sensibly. Do Not Panic.

The primary information number set up for coronavirus COVID-19 by the Ministry of Health is at 900 112 061.

This line has been reinforced to deal with and assist all those who have symptoms (such as cough, fever, headache or respiratory difficulties) and who have been in contact with people who have traveled to risky areas such as Madrid, the Basque Country or Italy.

From that phone number all testing will be assessed and managed.

The 1-1-2 phone is for emergencies only.

Containment measures for coronavirus
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Visits to hospitalized patients and emergency services are prohibited in all Canarian Health Service hospitals, except in exceptional cases such as minors or palliative care.

– The closure of all clubs and leisure centers for the elderly in the Canary Islands has been ordered.

– Visits to all nursing homes in the Autonomous Community are prohibited.

– Young people, especially those returning from risky areas, are asked to avoid going out and any close contact with other people, especially those with low immunity and older people.

This is not a holiday. Your collaboration is essential to prevent the spread of the virus.

– Events of more than 1,000 people are prohibited.

– Events with fewer people should only occupy a third of the authorized capacity.  That includes, clubs, bars and restaurants.

Source: Canary Islands Government News Portal