The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health have this afternoon confirmed a cumulative total of 1262 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus detected at the close of the statistic at 20:00 on Monday. Of these, 483 have required hospital admission and 94 were admitted to ICU.  57 people have recieved hospital discharges and 55 have died upto yesterday, with the number of cases of death having been readjusted after reconfirmation that all of them were deaths due to COVID-19. 252 health professionals are among those having tested positive in the archipelago.

The Ministry of Health stressed the importance of maintaining maximum confinement to prevent the most vulnerable people from becoming ill. In particular patients with weakened immune systems, diabetics, people with chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney or neuromuscular disease, or people with cancer.

It is therefore very important to insist on the collaboration of the youngest members of society, since they may be asymptomatic carriers of the virus. For this reason, they are the ones who must maintain the most measures of confinement and social distance.

Tenerife is still the island with the most cases found, standing today at 741; Gran Canaria follows with 365 cases; La Palma, 62 cases; Lanzarote, 51 cases; Fuerteventura, 32 cases; La Gomera, 8 cases and El Hierro, 3 cases.