Photo : @Love Gran Canaria

The beginning of the almond trees blossoming completely changes the landscape of Valsequillo creating a wonderful natural spectacle. To celebrate the beautiful picture of pink and white flowers in the municipality, since 1971, the Almond Tree blossom Route is held every year.

Although the flower of the almond tree typically arrives at the end of winter, as it prefers cold temperatures, the weather over recent weeks has accelerated the blossoms arrival and therefore, once more , Valsequillo celebrate these festivities on the last weekend of January.

Landscape, traditions and produce of the land are an essential part of this “Ruta Almendro en Flor”. On Sunday, on the “route” you will find almost two hundred small stalls distributed between the neighbourhoods of La barrera, Casco, Las Vegas and Tenteniguada, where one can enjoy roasted pork, beletén, sancocho canario, cheese, carnival tortillas and of course, almonds. As well as the agricultural market, taifa dances, native animals, threshing and even milking. A day in which the Racho de Ánimas de Valsequillo, one of the oldest Canarian cultural manifestations, will travel all the points of the Route to delight and sing attendees their songs.

On Saturday 25 January, The Almond Blossom festival in Tenteniguada, “Día de Turista” 10:30 – 15:00  

This well attended event in the tiny traditional mountain village above Valsequillo offers plenty to do and see including a traditional street market and traditional artisans, folkloric performances and Canarian music, tastings of various typical Canarian dishes and a range of indigenous games.

On Sunday, 26 January, the main fiesta day ; The Route of the Almond Blossom.

One of the most traditional celebrations in the Canary Islands throughout the rural municipality located in the east-north-eastern mountain sides of Gran Canaria, about 20 minutes drive up from Telde, or a half hour bus ride. The events usually run from 10:00-16:00 in the main town and many surrounding villages.

During the weekend Valsequillo quadruples its population on a route in with folkloric groups, craft and gastronomy stands . The route takes place simultaneously in the neighborhoods of La Barrera, El Casco, Las Vegas and Tenteniguada, where one can enjoy agricultural markets, tastings, taifa dance, folklore, performances and much more.

Travel by bus from Maspalomas 

The Global bus company will set up four expeditions on Saturday and another four on Sunday from Maspalomas Lighthouse to Tenteniguada. Also, from the Santa Catalina station there will be a special service to Valsequillo on Sunday 26, a day in which you can also reach the municipality from San Mateo.