Mogán town hall have approved the proposal to award the contract for about 6.9 million euros, to build a car park in Arguineguín. The proposal was approved with votes in favor from the main governing group (CIUCA-PSOE). Partido Popular (PP) abstained, and Nueva Canarias voted against.

The company OPROLER, OBRAS Y PROYECTOS, S.L.U is the proposed contractor for the work in Arguineguín for a budget of €6,969,907.98 – IGIC included -. The company is to commit to guarantee the work within a period of 10 years and to deduct for each day of delay in the completion of the same the amount of 6,000 euros.

The project consists of a two-storey car park in the basement and a public plaza on the roof. The surface of the projected public square will be of more than 7,800 square meters approximately and will include a multipurpose building of 500 square meters, a kiosk for refreshments, a playground for children and an adults area, spaces dedicated to sports with sports fields, spaces for perform exercises with machines, shaded areas, vegetation zones and recreational areas. Among other services and infrastructures that may also be located in the area, maybe a future library and a youth center.

The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, wanted to emphasize that “we are in luck because it is the first time that the municipality has obtained a grant from the Government of the Canary Islands of this caliber to carry out a project like this, which is so necessary in Arguineguín“.

There will be those who are skeptical of such an award for a facility that many question in terms of necessity and desirability, particularly in the year running up to the next municipal elections, due in May 2019.  Remember if you want your say about such things, you need to register to vote before December.