This year marks the 540th Anniversary of the foundation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. From its origins on June 24th 1478, first named  El Real de las Tres Palmas (The Royal Town of the Three Palms), the city celebrates the anniversary of its foundation every summer with an intense program of cultural activities and open-air shows in and around Vegueta, the old quarter, and the festivities are completed every Saint John’s Night (Midsummer) the eve of the city’s Birthday, with an impressive display of fireworks on Las Canteras Beach. Locals and visitors gather by the thousands along the beach promenade to enjoy the show and the cheerful ambiance, a unique attraction for visitors who stay in the city during that time.

Highlights for the foundation festivities of Las Palmas .

Friday 8 June.  Pregón, proclamation and the opening gala at 21:30 at Plaza de Santa Ana. Opening speech by gallerist Saro León and a tribute concert to José Antonio Ramos. The Posdata concert: We love you. Celebrating JAR, a tribute to the legacy of the timplista José Antonio Ramos

Saturday 9 June  17:00 – 23:00  TRIANA – VEGUETA. Estameña Festival (Canta el barranco)
Just one day after the celebration of the proclamation, Canarian music will be the main focus for the Festival Estameña, a musical tour on foot through Triana and Vegueta in which the group Los Gofiones will host four other groups from around the Archipelago: Los Sabandeños (Tenerife), and the folkloric groups Tabajoste (Fuerteventura), Tajarde (La Palma) and Acatife (Lanzarote).

From 17:00 the Bajada de San Nicolás, the procession route will converge at 18:00 on Calle Triana (next to the sculpture by Martín Chirino) and will begin with the performance of the Majorero group.
At 19:15, it will be at the back of the Pérez Galdós Theater, where the La Palma group will perform and, at 20:30  the Alameda de Colón will be the stage for those from Lanzarote.
In the plaza of Santo Domingo, in Vegueta, the Sabandeños will perform at 21:45 pm and, finally, a great final party will gather in the Plaza de Santa Ana, at 23:00, all the participating groups: Gofiones, Los Sabandeños, Tabajoste, Tajarde and Acatife.
17:00 Bajada de San Nicolás, descending of San Nicolás – Entry to Castillo de Mata – Calle Triana
18:00 Calle Triana (escultura de Martín Chirino) – A.F. Tabajoste (Fuerteventura)
19:15  Plaza del tenor Stagno – A.F. Tajarde (La Palma)
20:30 Alameda de Colón. A.F. Acatife (Lanzarote)
21:45 Plaza de Santo Domingo – Los Sabandeños (Tenerife)
23:00 Plaza de Santa Ana. Los Gofiones, Los Sabandeños, A.F. Tabajoste, A.F. Tajarde y A.F. Acatife.

Sunday 10 June, Los Poliguanches at 11:30 at Parque Doramas  ( Anfi theatre )
12:00 Folkmusic group Chemida at Plaza del Pilar Nuevo.

Friday 15 June the 10th “Nights of Boleros” at 21:00 at Plaza de Santa Domingo
At 22:00 Jenny and the Mexicats at Parque Doramas

Saturday 16 June Opera for everyone: Turandot Puccini at Plaza del Tenor Stagno (back of the Teatro Pérez ) at 20:30
At 20:30 at the Catedral de Santa Ana. VII  VII Cycle of concerts of historical organs of Gran Canaria.
At 21:00 X “Nights of Boleros” at Plaza de Santa Domingo

Sunday 17 June Folk Music group San Cristóbal at 11:30 in Parque Doramas  ( Anfi theatre )
At 12:30 folk Music group Xerax at Plaza del Pilar Nuevo

Friday 22 June, from 11:00 to 19:00 at Plaza de Santa Ana. “Échame una pata” Food collection for shelter dogs and cats. Organized by local beer brand: Tropical.
From 09:00 to 20:30 at Playa de Las Canteras (at the Royal Victoria Club). Exhibition of traditional garrotte fighting and canarian wrestling.
From 20:30 to 23:30  The third edition of the  «Music in the heart of Vegueta», will again have ten spaces, eight courtyards and two squares, the one of San Agustín and the one of the Pilar Nuevo, where you can enjoy ten formations of very different style. Live music in courtyards of the historic centre. Free admission until complete capacity.

Classical music, jazz, swing, tangos, contemporary … will sound at 20:30 with performances by the Atlantic Orchestra (Town Hall), Yul Ballesteros (Casa de Colón), the Ulrika Choir (Casas de la Iglesia), the Corda Quartet (Patio de los Naranjos), Simbeque (Plaza del Pilar Nuevo), Brave Missy and The Cavaliers (plaza de San Agustín), the soprano Fátima Naranjo and the pianist Francisco Sosa (Colegio de Abogados ), Sonoro Brass Ensemble Act (Fundación Negrín), young talents from Fábrica La Isleta: Luis Sánchez Guerra and Gabriela Suárez (Mapfre Foundation) and Carmen Ojeda and the poet Acerina Cruz (casa de Balcones, 7). Programs for all audiences of which each formation will perform three sessions of 20 to 25 minutes each to accommodate the maximum possible number of spectators. A musical tour that will allow the public to enjoy in the order you want both the architectural heritage of Vegueta and the music.

Saturday 23 June, the traditional bonfires on the eve of San Juan in different parts of the city and a collective dip in the sea taken by thousands of people at the Las Canteras beach.
From 10:00 to 19:00 Lucha de Garrotte (stick fighting) display in Playa de Las Canteras (beside the Royal club Victoria. )
At 17:00 Bay of the city. Sailing Regatta Latina Contest. Between the La Laja tunnel and the mouth of the Sports Pier.
At 18:00 Display of Canarian wrestling at Las Canteras beach (La Cícer area).
At 22:30 PLAYA DE LAS CANTERAS (at the height of the plaza de Saulo Torón). Night of San Juan. Concert for the city: Olga Cerpa and Mestisay.
at 24:00 Fireworks from the Plaza de La Puntilla.

Sunday 24 June
From 10:00 to 17:00 Lucha de garrote ( stick fighting ) exhibition at Playa de Las Canteras, at the height of Real Club Victoria )
At 11:30 Folkmusic group Roque Nublo at Parque Doramas ( Anfi Theatre)
At 12:30  Folkmusic group Umialla at Plaza del Pilar Nuevo
At 21:00 in Parque Doramas, a concert.

See the full program ( in Spanish ) below