The Government of the Canary Islands, through the General Directorate for Security and Emergencies, have declared a general Alert for Coastal Phenomena in the Canary Islands as of 00:00 hours on Thursday February 8.

This decision was made taking into account information provided by the Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET and other available sources, leading them to implement the Civil Protection Plan for Adverse Meteorological Phenomenon (PEFMA).

Observations: Force 6 N-NE winds, gusting to force 7 and locally force 8 during the first half of the day. Combined sea swell: 5-6 m on the open coasts to the north and on the channels between islands.

The population is urged to follow the self-protection advice of the General Directorate of Security and Emergencies:

How to prevent damage and injury from Coastal Phenomena

  • Protect your home from the possible invasion of sea water
  • Do not stand at the end of springs or breakwaters, or risk taking pictures or videos near where waves break
  • Avoid fishing in risk areas
  • Do not drive vehicles on roads near the beach line
  • Never bathe in secluded beaches or in areas you do not know well, because there may be local whirlpools
  • Avoid bathing on all beaches with red flags, in areas where there is strong swell and surf or that lack life guard surveillance and rescue services
  • Avoid doing sports and nautical activities in the areas affected by the sea and do not camp on the beach when there is an alert due to sea storms.
  • If you notice unusual waves, do not stay near the sea, or get close even if they suddenly calm down
  • If you have a boat try to secure its mooring in a sheltered place
  • If you see other people in dangerous places, warn them of the danger
  • If you fall into the water, get away from where the waves break, call for help and wait for rescue
  • If you try to get out of the water and get swept out by the waves, try to keep calm; Do not swim against the current and let yourself go with the flow. In general, coastal currents lose intensity along other stretches of coastline and that’s when you will need to swim
  • If you are on land and you see that someone who has fallen into the water, throw them a rope with a flotation device, or any other object to which they can cling. Alert the emergency services immediately at 1-1-2
  • For any information request, call 0-12