The wind and rain from the north this Wednesday, February 7, have caused landslides on Gran Canaria. Specifically in the area of La Bodeguilla , on the GC-153, within the municipality of San Mateo. Road Service personnel are working on clearing the road, which remains closed and with no injuries reported. Another team has been sent to clear the access to Aríñez, also in San Mateo.

Three more landslides
As a result of the cold spell that hit the island last week , several other landslides have been reported. The last one, on Tuesday morning when falling rocks up around the summits forced the GC-210 that connects Artenara de Tejeda to close, as it had to already once before last Sunday.

Throughout the day rockfalls have been reported in various places including GC305 that connects Firgas with Valleseco, and along the GC605 Kilometer 4 in the Ayacata area.