The Market Puerto Rico is the new, fresh, concept commercial centre opening to the public on January 31 2019.

This much anticipated new space in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria aim to offer something very different by way of commercial spaces, they say, “led by gastronomy and food, with a varied range of organic produce.”

This is to be the first full-time “Food Market” on the south of ​​Gran Canaria, to define itself through providing fresh produce daily.

26 businesses will operate from the new leisure and shopping centre “where quality, innovation and the most creative offerings prevail.”

The Market aims itself at being a “place to find the unexpected.” Doing things differently, creatively, and uniquely is, they say, what will set them apart and help them to stand out with “an authentic formula of doing, of trying, of being …”

They are committed to a new responsible business model. A relationship based on transparency. A shopping centre involved with its surroundings, utilising efficient and sustainable architecture.

If one thing defines them, they say, it is their “love of fresh produce, of the land, each faithful to its season and its naturalness.” They aim to take full advantage of the resources that this privileged area of the island can offer.

“Shopping with soul for people who buy with the heart.”

Primary characteristics:

The Market Puerto Rico wish to promote the following values:

  • Slow Shopping: To be enjoyed without watching the clock. Turning each shopping moment into a life event, by creating experiences that make each moment special.
  • Slow Food: Not eating, but “deifying”. Worshipping yourself starting on the palate, with offerings that promote quality and health in every bite.
  • Fresh Attitude:  a philosophy, that different attitude, a fresh, healthy lifestyle … A moment, a flavor, an experience that adds to the rest of your life.
  • Naturalness: Handmade by professionals, without preservatives or dyes. Attaching importance to the hands that create quality produce and services.
  • Sustainability: Green is their colour promoting actions that help to extend the life of the planet. Taking sustainable advantage of resources to promote efficiency.
  • Responsibility: Taking care of the environment by incorporating integrated gardens within the very structure of the building that surprise at first sight and that reflect life inside and life on the outside.

In summary, say The Market Puerto Rico, their new concept shopping environment is the only alternative on Gran Canaria offering responsible consumption in tune with the environment, with a unique selection of products and ecological (organic) foods of the highest quality.

“The only commercial space with Fresh Attitude.”

Source: Alegría on Gran Canaria: The Market Puerto Rico opens on the 31st