The Carnival season is starting on Gran Canaria. It’s going to be 2 months of celebrations, galas and carnival mayhem on the Island with some municipalities even holding more than one Carnival!

Many events to attend throughout carnival season, with some of the most popular including the Drag Queen competitions, election of the Carnival Queen, colourful Comparsa dance displays, Canine Competitions Childrens competitions and of course massive street parades and large crowds in fancy dress partying into the early hours.

A celebration of the end of winter and the coming spring, everyone is encouraged to dress up and step outside themselves to enjoy this series of massive events, each Carnival starting with a Proclamation and its own theme, and finishing with the traditional “Burial of the Sardine” usually followed by fireworks.

We will be updating the program as the information becomes available.
Weather conditions might affect events 

The 2018 Parade dates on Gran Canaria are:
February 3 – Aguimes
February 9 – Galdár
February 14 – Aguimes and Ingenio
February 17 – Las Palmas
February 24 – Cruce de Arinaga and Arguineguin
March 3 – Carrizal y Telde
10 – Maspalomas
March 17 – Vecindario

LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, 26 January – 18 February 2018 

Theme : “Magic and Fantastic Creatures” ( Magia y Criaturas Fantásticas )

*** Many changes to the program. Double check the latest from here ***

program highlights :
26.1 Opening ceremony at 21:00 Plaza de Santa Ana
27.1. Children’s group contest at 19:00 ( Parque Santa Catalina )
28.1 Children’s costume festival 11:00 and Gran Dame Gala 20:00
1.2 Adult costume contest at 21:00
3.2 Day time Carnival in Santa Catalina starting at 12:00 *** changed 
4.2 Dog Carnival at 12:00 and Child Queen Gala at 19:00
9.2. Queen Gala at 21:0
10.2. Sun Carnival at 17:00
11.2 Day time Carnival in Vegueta **** changed
12.2 Traditional Carnival at 19:00 and Drag Queen Gala 21:00
13.2. MARDIS GRAS! Martes de Carnaval at 12:00 and Children parade at 17:00, and Bodypainting contest at 21:00
14.2. Day time Carnival in Parque de La Mayordomía, Tamareceite at 18:00 ,
15.2 Children’s’ Carnival in Plaza de Don Benito, Schamann at 18:00 and  Integration Gala at 19:00
16.2 Children’s Carnival in Plaza del Pueblo,La Isleta at 18:00 , Murgas final at 21:00 and after party at 22:00 
17.2 Grand Parade at 17:00
18.2. Burial of the sardine at 19:00

GALDAR, 2 -16 February 

Theme : Television 

Highlights :

3.2. Drag Queen Gala in Polideportivo Municipal Juan Vega Mateos
4.2. Children’s Gala in Polideportivo Municipal Juan Vega Mateos at 12:00
7.2.  the Provincial Gala of the Carnival for People with Disabilities in Gáldar at 19:00 in Polideportivo Municipal Juan Vega Mateos
9.3. Parade starts at 18:00 from the neighbourhood of San Sebastian, ending to Plaza de Santiago and followed by a party
10.2. Family Carnival in Plaza de Santiago, starting at 12:30 with street processions, music, bouncy castles, workshops ets.
12.2. performance from the local balles school at 18:00 in Plaza de Santiago
13.2. Youth Carnival at 12:30 in Plaza de Santiago
16.2. Burial of the Sardine at 21:00, leaving from Polideportivo Municipal Juan Vega Mateos to Plaza de Santiago


AGÜIMES, 3 February – 25 February 

Theme : “Agüimes a Carnival in the time machine” ( Agüimes un Carnaval en la máquina del tiempo)

See the full program here 

3.2. Parade
4.2. Children’s play area starting at 11:30 in Plaza del Rosario
6.2 Murgas at 20:30 in Plaza del Rosario
7.2. Murgas at 20:30 in Plaza del Rosario
9.2. Final of Murgas at 20:00 in Plaza del Rosario
10.2. Daytime Carnival in Playa de Arinaga starting at 11:30-21:00 and in the evening starting at 22:30 “night of the decades” at Plaza del Rosario in the Agüimes helmet with performances of Ochentour and Los 600.
11.2. Children’s party at 11:30 in Plaza del Rosario
14.2. Burial of the Sardine at 21:00
15.2. Drag Queen Gala ( tkts only ) in Teatro Auditorio Agüimes
17.2. Street Carnival
18.2. the 2nd Children’s party at 11:30 at Plaza del Rosario
24.2. Childrens play park at 11:00 in Plaza 1 de Mayo and at 21:00 Burial and the burning of the Sardine Parque Che Guevara

INGENIO, 8 -18 February

Theme : “1968-2018 The Golden Carnival”    (1968-2018 el Carnival de oro)

Highlights :
10.2 II Day time Carnival 12:00-02:00 at Plaza de la Candelaria
11.2. The 3rd Pet Carnival 11:00-15:00 at Plaza de la Candelaria
11-12.2  V Contest of Murgas both evening starting at 20:30 at Plaza de la Candelaria
13.2. Wake of the Sarine and the I costume contest at 21:00 at Plaza
14.2. 50º Burial of the Sardine of the Carnival of the Villa de Ingenio and fireworks. Concentration of carts, groups and people starting at 18:00 at Calle Tanausu. Funeral parade starts at 21:00 and ends up at Plaza de la Candelaria.
16.2. 3rd Drag Queen Gala at 21:00 at Plaza de la Candelaria
18.2. Children’s Carnival from 11:00 to 14:00 at Plaza de la Candelaria

In CARRIZAL 22 February – 4 March

Highlights :  (see the full program here )
22.2 The rescue of the Sardine at 20:00 in El Burrero. The rebel fish is taken from the ocean and toured around the neighborhood and finally arriving to Plaza la Jurada, where the wake will take place and afterwards the great fish barbeque with wine, rum and beer.
23.2. Street music procession on Avenida Carlos V at 19:00 and then at 22:00 night party at Plaza Buen Suceso
25.2. the 5th edition of Mascot Carnival in PLaza la Jurada, starting at 16:00 with the colaboration of several Island animal charities
28.2. Drag Queen Carrizal at 21:00 in PLaza de la Jurada
1-2. 3 Murgas nights at 20:30 in Plaza de la Jurada
3.3. Parade. starting at 18:00 Plaza de la Jurada‐Avda. de Canarias. After the parade : Burning of the Sardine and fireworks around 23:00
4.3. Children’s Carnival starting at 16:00 in Plaza de la Jurada

ARUCAS 12 February – 4 March 

Theme : “Myths and legends”

See the full program here 

13.2. Children’s street parade at 11:00  from La Heredad crossing to Plaza de San Juan and show at 12:00
16.2. Street parade at 11:00 from Plaza de los derechos humanos
17.2. Children’s workshops and bouncy castles at 11:00 at Plaza de la Constitución
24.2. Day time Carnival festivities starting from 11:00 at Plaza de San Juan til late night
25.2 Carnival Gala at 20:00 in Plaza de San Juan
2.3 “Baile de Piñata” at 21:00 in Plaza de San Juan … and were a mask
3.3. Parade at 19:00 and followed by a street carnival at Plaza de San Juan
4.3. Burial of the Sardine at 18:00 , leaving from La Heredad crossing 


LA ALDEA DE SAN NICOLÁS 13 February – 3 March 

Theme : “Africa”

13.2. Traditional Carnival.
17.2. Children’s Carnival,  La Alameda 11:30
22.2. Noche de Indianos
24.2. Parade + Mogollón
3.3.   Funeral of the Besugo + Mogollón



AGAETE, 16 Feb – 3 March

Theme : “Hollywood, Golden years” ( Hollywood, años dorados)

See the full program here
Highlights :
16.2. Inauguration of historic photos (of the burial of the Sardine) and costume exhibition ( Casa de la Cultura )
23.2. costume gala at 21:30 in Plaza de la Constitucion
24.2. Street processions with Banda de Agaete at 13:30 and Day time Carnival at 14:00
25.2 Children’s Carnival party at 12:00 in Plaza de la Constitucion
3.3. Parade at 18:30 and burial of the Sardine

MOGÁN 20-25 February 2018

Carnival Costa Mogán 

Theme :  “Comics and superheroes” ( Cómics y superhéroes )
On Saturday 17th February, the parade will invite tourists and residents to attend the Carnival through the streets of Playa de Mogán. On Sunday 18th parade will move near the beaches of Amadores and Puerto Rico and, on the afternoon of Monday 19th , will be by the Puerto Rico Shopping Center.

20.2. a body makeup competition gala in Arguineguin at 20:00
21.2. At 20:00 will begin the Carnival Gala
22.2.  At 21:00 the Drag Queen Gala
23.2. At 20:00 the “Pelucas party” wigs. The party will continue until 01:00
24.2. The parade at 19:00. The departure takes place from El Timonel area and it will continue along Calle Francisco Navarro and then Calle Miguel Marrero until it ends at Calle José Manuel Santana, where the carts and floats also be located. After the cavalcade, from 21:30 the big party with lots of music will commence.
25.2  At 17:30 the Children’s Costume Festival
At 19:30 will start the wake of the sardine, which will be accompanied by the Band Charanga La Aldea and the whole carnival family. The last act of the Carnival Costa Mogán 2018, starting at 20:30 will be the burial of the sardine and the display of fireworks.

Carnival in Motor Grande 9.2. at 17:00
Carnival in Veneguera 10.2. at 17:00

TELDE,  21 February – 4 March 

Theme : “Jungle”  (La Selva)

all carnival events held in in the Narea multi-purpose area 

21.2. Pregón, the opening festivities at 20:30
23.2  ‘Versionando en la selva’  evening party at 23:00 with a concert by Los 600 and DJ entertaining
24.2. Children’s fiesta at 11:00 and night party at 23:00
25.2. “IX Carrera de Tacones”, high heel race from San Gregorio to Narea and Day time Carnival at 12:00
2.3. Drag Queen Gala
3.3. parade, starting at 17.00 from the Urban park San Juan to finish at Mercado Municipal, just next to the Narea where party continues at 23:00
4.3. Murgas at 12:00, music with DJ’s at 15:00 and Burial of the Sardine at 17:00



Carnaval Internacional de Maspalomas 

Theme : Middle Ages “FestuM+”

3.3. Queen’s Gala
4.3. Children’s Queen Gala
8.3. Drag Queen Gala
10.3. Parade
11.3. Day Carnival and Burial of the Sardine





Theme : Television, do not change channels, we are Carnival’

Highlights ; (See the full events here )

12-16.3 Carnival in the neighborhoods
16.3. Drag Gala ( Teatro Víctor Jara – (Vecindario) with tickets only )
17.3. Parade
18.3. Burial of the Sardine


Carnival in Sardina 16-24 February, with the allegory ‘The delicious world of cooking

16.2. Childrens fiesta at 17;00 in Parque de La Blanca
22.2. Children’s Carnival fiesta at 17:00 in Plaza de San Nicolás de Bari
2.3. Street processions for the Burial of the Sardine at 18:00. In the evening at 22:00 the burial burning of the Sardine in the parking lot in front of CEIP Policarpo Báez. followed by Carnival party at 22:30 in Plaza de San Nicolás de Bari.

TEROR, 9 – 17 March

Theme : not yet decided