Mogán town hall is celebrating the School Students Day of Peace for the third consecutive year, between January 27-30, with multiple activities planned in Arguineguin as part of ‘The flower power. Peace, love and solidarity‘ project.

Saturday 27 January. Activities start at 17:30, at Plaza Pérez Galdós with a gathering of several NGOs (non profit associations) who will participate, with workshops and a multitude of activities related to the world of circus. In addition, there will be clowns who will act to energize the afternoon as “messengers of peace.” That same night at 21:00 attendees can enjoy a free music festival with performances by the Municipal Artistic Schools, the African band  Nayaband, a hip hop group; Material de Contrabando and the music of Los Coquillos.

Sunday 28 January will start with a tour of the Olympics-styled solidarity torch, which will depart from Plaza de Pino Seco crossing through several points in Arguineguín passed relay style between members of various groups and sports clubs from around the municipality of Mogán. Arriving at the David Jimenez Silva Sports Complex to light a flame of peace in a giant cauldron, the Manifesto for Peace will be read and multiple sports and leisure activities for the whole family will begin, gathered within the ‘Olympics for Peace’ initiative.

Among these physical and sports activities between 11:30-14:30 you can participate in paddle tennis, basketball, games with inflatables in the pool, spinning and zumba classes, among many other activities. (spinning and zumba classes will require prior registration, which can be done in the Sports Complexes of the municipality, while the rest of activities will be freely accessible.)

Monday and Tuesday is for schools in the municipality

Monday 29 January. New to the program this year is ‘The Flower Power. Peace, Love and Solidarity March for Peace’ to be held on the Monday morning from 11:30am bringing together an estimated 1,500 Mogán primary and secondary students in the Plaza Pérez Galdós, where they will take part in a tour through the streets of Arguineguín to Plaza de las Marañuelas.

In addition to the parade, the children and youths of the municipality will participate in a day of awareness for peace, which will include activities and music and where they will participate in a release of “biodegradable” white balloons.

Tuesday 30 January, Celebrating the main School Day of Nonviolence and Peace, students of nursery schools will attend a meeting in the Plaza Pérez Galdós de Arguineguín, in an activity at which the clowns “messengers of peace” and musical performances will feature.

‘The Flower Power. Peace, Love and Solidarity’ 2018 program will end on Tuesday, January 30 with a “talk-concert”, which will be attended by third and fourth year students of the municipality, and in which the singer Arístides Moreno will talk about his trip to India with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and the work it does, in addition to about Muhatma Ghandi, on the anniversary of his death.

So, be prepared for some crowds of youths in Plaza de Perez Galdos and surrounding areas in Arguineguin.