Chambermaid making bed in hotel room

The Sindicalistas de Base Union, who represent housekeeping staff working in the tourism industry, have agreed to call for general strike of room cleaning chambermaids at hotels and apartments throughout Canary Islands on December 25 and January 1.

Union leader, Manuel Fitas, explained in statements to the Efe news agency that the reason for calling the general strike is due to continuing poor working conditions, low quality employment and the absence of occupational health and safety still being endured by the collective cleaning staff employed in the sector.

Fitas has denounced the physical and mental burden borne daily by chambermaids, who number around 20,000 in the Canary Islands and are expected to average between 23 and 25 rooms cleaned every day.

He pointed out that there are some worrying figures emerging with 90 percent of housekeeping staff having to retire on a disability pension rather than on contributory retirement.