The Municipal Town Hall of Mogán are being required to close the GC-500 coastal road, linking Arguineguín with Patalavaca to traffic, starting on Monday, November 6, due to new Works Inspection requirements.

The closure is to be maintained for at least two months, until the completion of works between kilometre 28.8 (the whale’s tail roundabout) and kilometre 29.92 (Patalavaca roundabout). Traffic is to be diverted along the GC-1 main motorway.

The closure of the road, which the town hall points out is approved by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, is to take place after new demands were issued by the Labour Inspectorate as a requirement for the works to recondition, reinforce and rehabilitate the pedestrian walkway that runs along side the GC-500.

Councilman for Public Works from the Townhall of Mogán, Ernesto Hernandez, indicated that “the total closure of the road has had to be agreed since the Labour Inspection demanded safety conditions higher than those established in the security plan approved by the Town Hall of Mogán before the works began.”

Hernandez explained that “the security plan for the work stated that it was not necessary to completely close the road to traffic. However because an entity superior to the local administration has demanded an increase in the safety measures, including the total closure of the road, the Consistory has been forced to comply”.


The councilman for Works confirmed that “to date, both the construction company and the municipal technicians have assured them that the work continues to be executed within the established deadlines, with the end of it estimated to be in March 2018. The closure of the GC-500 between Arguineguín and Patalavaca is expected to last approximately two months. As the work progresses, the Townhall of Mogán will report on any changes. ”

The work on the pedestrian walkway attached to the GC-500 is a project “of great difficulty, since part of the work complicating the execution [of the project ] is the reinforcements along several sections of the structure of the walk, which is 25 meters above the level of the sea which were extremely deteriorated, even [needing to be] propped up on some stretches” Hernandez said.

Public transport and route diversions

From the beginning of the works, the Town Council of Mogán has recommended avoiding travel through this stretch of road, accessing the Patalavaca area via the GC-1. As of Monday, November 6, this recommendation will be mandatory for vehicular traffic, with the exception of licensed vehicles and cyclists, which will have a specially qualified route along the section of the GC-500 linking Arguineguín with Patalavaca .

The tourist establishments located in the affected areas will also have service routes, exclusively enabled, so that access can be secured and maintained.

The councilman for Works said that “information is already being transferred regarding the closure of the road to all agencies, centres, bodies and public authorities as well as tourist establishments in the area.” Likewise, the Global public bus services are already being modified, with temporary transport itineraries from Arguineguín to Puerto Rico. “As soon as the decisions are reached, expected in the next few days, we will disseminate the information via all Mogán communication channels. ”

Hernández concluded by asking “citizens and users of the area to excuse the inconvenience caused” asking that citizens “do not listen to alarmist rumours about the state or the deadlines of execution of the work and only focus on the official information, given by the Mogán Townhall”.

Source: Mogán is forced to close part of the GC-500 for requirements of Labor Inspection