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Canary Islands Government claims microalgae blooms in Canarian waters are due to “several natural factors and to climate change”

The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Security have released a statement saying that the blooms of Trichodesmium erythraeum cyanobacteria (microalgae), also known as Sea Sawdust, being widely reported, often erroneously, in the British press, are due to a series “natural conditions” that have facilitated “a massive proliferation” of…

Health department strongly denies any beach closures due to microalgae 

The General Directorate of Public Health have denied suggestions in the foreign press that any beaches in the Canary Islands have been closed due to the presence of microalgae, stating that its presence is an environmental phenomenon that is not related to any type of pollution. In a statement, the…

Orange Advisory: 40° Heatwave and Calima expected for the next few days

  AEMET, The Spanish State Meteorological Agency, has activated a yellow advisory warning today for expected temperatures up to 34° C in the shade, throughout the southern half of Gran Canaria. This will be the beginning of a heatwave that will last until at least Tuesday, with orange advisories issued…

High temperatures all week on Gran Canaria, Yellow advisory for Thursday

With top temperatures already hitting 29º & 30ºC in the shade all this week, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has issued a yellow advisory for high temperatures expected particularly this Thursday, July 27 on Gran Canaria with temperatures expected to exceed 34º at the summit, as well as the…

Calima: Heatwave expected to last well into next week, alerts issued

The first proper heat wave of summer 2017 has arrived on Gran Canaria, and is being felt throughout The Canary Islands.  The high temperatures are expected to last well into next week. Calima winds from the east have brought with them a large amount of Saharan dust in the air,…

El ‘Bochorno’: sultry heatwave on Gran Canaria from Friday

Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have issued a yellow advisory for hot muggy weather expected on the southern slopes of Gran Canaria this Friday when temperatures in the shade are expected to exceed 34˚ C in what is being described as the first heat wave of summer to arrive in the Canary Islands….

34º+ in the shade hot weather advisory for Gran Canaria

AEMET, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency, have issued yellow advisories, denoting risk, for maximum temperatures expected on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday morning the north and northeast coasts of Gran Canaria, including the capital Las Palmas, will see some cloud below 300 meters, that looks likely to clear through the…

Yellow Advisory for strong seas and winds

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have issued a yellow advisory

Sunshine Ahoy! Warm breezes and blue skies

When warning came earlier this week of possible storm weather, we received a call

Storm headed for the Islands this Thursday

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has warned of a storm front approaching

Gran Canaria Weather up to 30˚ in the shade

As the holiday weekend gets going on Gran Canaria temperatures are starting to rise

Storm weather, and snow at the summits

Winter has left a parting shot with Mount Teide, over on Tenerife, today showing its colder

Gran Canaria Weather: Wind Yellow Advisory

With maximum temperatures having peaked at around 30ºC in the shade this weekend, AEMET

Gran Canaria Spring swelter this weekend

If you have the chance this weekend, head for the beaches to cool down; there is a yellow advisory

Warm Saharan winds bring Spring Calima

With temperatures rising and Saharan dust blowing in on a glorious spring Calima

Shrove Tuesday blue skies & strong seas

Blue skies predominate on Tuesday throughout the Canaries, with temperatures around 17˚-21˚C

Snow joke, but it did rain in Las Palmas…

There was some rainfall yesterday on all the islands, in some places intense and intermittent.

Gran Canaria expects Showers by Saturday

For Friday the north of the island, cloudy skies generally, with showers expected during the first

Weather: Bright sunny spells with some cloud

Friday afternoon on Gran Canaria has brought predominantly cloudy skies particularly to the north

Weather: Mainly blue skies & sunshine

The Canary Islands have started the week with a little cloud and temperatures

Strong winds warning on Gran Canaria

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) are maintaining a yellow advisory for strong winds

Bright sunshine and southeast winds

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) forecast intense winds for today, Three Kings Day

A chill in the air and more Calima

Wednesday has started a little cloudy, with a range of mid-altitude cloud

Intense Saharan Dust over Canary Islands

December 25 across The Canary Islands was marked by intense clouds of Saharan dust

Strong winds, calima & occasional downpours

An overcast start to Friday with moderate to high cloud. A probability of showers

Weather: warnings of strong coastal winds

With storm weather warnings over the western mediterranean, the north and northeast of Gran Canaria