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Foundation Investigated for Alleged Mismanagement of Public Funds Meant for Care of Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

The 7th Investigative Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has opened a preliminary investigation into the Social Response Foundation Siglo XXI and four of its directors. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in Las Palmas filed a complaint against them, alleging crimes that could include forgery of commercial documents, mismanagement, and embezzlement of public funds. The investigation aims to determine whether this nonprofit organisation, and its officials, could have misused public funds intended for the care of unaccompanied migrant minors, during the migration crisis of 2020 that was precipitated by the pandemic confinement on the islands, leading to a build up of arrivals having to be assessed and cared for by the Canary Islands Regional Government, using hotels left empty due to the lack of tourism. The estimated amount involved in the alleged misuse stands at around €12.5 million between 2020 and 2022 on Gran Canaria alone.


Canary Islands Expect Rain and Potential Storm Weather Next Week

The Canary Islands are preparing for a change in the weather next week, as a significant increase in cloud is expected bringing higher probability of rain. The effects of a powerful storm forming in the Atlantic Ocean are likely to extend to the Canary Islands as well as neighbouring Madeira and The Azores.


The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 2-4 June 2023

June is here and that means that summer is just around the corner. The Patron Saints’ festivities in honour of San Juan de Bautista and San Antonio de Padua are just getting started on Gran Canaria, and in Pueblo de Mogán the main Romería pilgrimage for San Antonio El Chico is this first Saturday of June, as well as the start of the build up to those in Arucas, Santa Brígida and Moya. This weekend also brings the biggest outlet fair shopping experience back to INFECAR and a collectables fair in Gáldar.
OPERATION KILO is this weekend, at all participating supermarkets, asking you to add a few non-perishable food items to the Food Bank collection boxes to help families in need.

Vox Enters Canarian Politics, Stage Right: Anti-Migrant, Anti-Feminist, Anti-Green, Anti-Autonomy, Anti-LGBT, Anti-Multiculturalism, Pro-Franco politics find a foothold on The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands were unable to avoid the rise of the far right on Sunday, unlike in 2019, writes Natalia G. Vargas in Canarias Ahora. Vox, which previously had no representation on the islands, managed to make its presence felt in several municipalities and councils this May 28. They also secured seats in the Canary Islands’ regional parliament, securing four deputies. “Defending what is ours, our own, and fighting against insecurity” were the slogans that underpinned Vox’s campaign in The Canary Islands, along with “family, employment, and freedom.” This rhetoric, coupled with an electoral program that was repeated across all local elections in Spain, proved sufficient. Dozens of cities and towns on the islands welcomed their first far right candidates of the modern democratic era into Canarian politics, with urban areas serving as their main strongholds.

La Alcaldesa Bueno Secures Incredible Majority in Mogán

Mogán, May 29, 2023 – The often controversial incumbent, O Bueno, La Alcaldesa, has achieved an unprecedented and resounding victory once more in Mogán. The candidate who switched her party’s name, for these elections, to “Juntos por Mogán”, a local ally of the regionalist conservatives “Coalición Canaria” (CC), will once again assume the role of mayor. Her party has clinched a rather noteworthy 17 out of the 21 seats in the Municipal Council of this popular tourism destination located on the sunny southwest of Gran Canaria.


The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 20-22 May 2022

Apple tree in flower on Gran Canaria May 2022
More than half way through May and on the south, patron saints’ fiesta season is in full swing. This Friday and Saturday are also the last days to enjoy some live Jazz in Puerto de Mogán. The Fair of The Sea is taking place in the capital, and there is a tomato fair to be enjoyed in La Aldea. There’s a double-take to enjoy in Gáldar, with the last days of ‘Flower week’ as well as the Collectibles fair on Saturday.
Remember that next weekend is a ‘puente’ long weekend with Canarian Day celebrations this year are set for Monday, which is also a regional bank holiday in the Canary Islands.

Upcoming bank holidays:Monday, 30 May Local Bank Holiday in the Canary Islands – Día de Canarias, The Day of The Canary IslandsMonday, 6 June Local bank holiday in Valleseco – Festivities of San Vicente FerrerMonday, 13 June Local bank holiday in Mogán and Santa Brídiga – Festivities of San Antonio de Padua.

Upcoming events:29-30 May Tuna and Sea Fair Arguineguín, Mogán28 May Carrizal Carnival parade1-6 June Gáldar Pride1-5 June FISALDO (outlet fair) in INFECAR3-5 June Feria del Sureste in Agüimes9-19 June Maspalomas International Carnival


Spanish State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, forecast a weekend with light breezes and sunshine in the souther resort areas of Mogán and Maspalomas, and 28-29ºC in the shade, which in direct sunshine is going to feel nice and hot, so keep hydrating!
The weekend looks pretty good all around the island, even if there is a small chance of some incoming Calima. All in all average daytime temperatures should be around 24-25 ºC in the shade, and parts in the north might even see some nice cloud cover to ease the heat a touch.

*** Check the regular markets and a range of other events on our main calendar at The Canary Guide website***


20-22 May, Las Palmas de Gran CanariaFimar LPGC 2022
FIMAR, the International Sea Fair is happening this weekend in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The nautical and marine-maritime sector meets again for the eleventh edition of this popular event, in the Santa Catalina Cruise port area, next to the Centro Comercial El Muelle. The fair is dedicated exclusively to the world of the seas and oceans, and the marine-maritime sector. Waves, surfing and all board-based water sports will be protagonists this year. Exhibitors from various sectors related to the sea will meet on the Santa Catalina Cruise Pier. An outreach program will cover topics related to the fair such as the environmental impact of microplastics, sharks in the Canary Islands and many other topics. Talks are free to attend. A wide variety of leisure activities will also be included, such as getting to know the Port in a different way, baptisms, exhibitions and aquatic activities as well as children’s activities on land.
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 10:30 – 20:00 and on Sunday 10:30 – 15:00Activities for children: every day there will be surf-related craft workshops, a kids area, Surf & Roll circuit, racquet games, skill and construction games.Boat visits at the Port of Las Palmas: Friday at 09:30, 11:30 and 13:00. On Saturday at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00. On Sunday at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00.Get to know the port on a tourist bus: on Saturday at 11:00, 13:00 16:30 and at 18:00. On Sunday at 11:00 and 13:00
See more information HERE! 

21 May, La AldeaIV Feria del Tomate
The 4th edition of the Tomato Fair is in La Aldea de San Nicolás, the westernmost municipality of Gran Canaria, this Saturday
From 09:00 to 14:00 at La Alameda (Plaza Vieja), you can enjoy cooking workshops and tastings from the restaurants of the town. In addition, there will be participation of crafts and agricultural vendors as well as the museums of the Community Development Project, which will be open to the public.
For the children, there will be cooking workshops, where they will prepare tastings with tomato as the main ingredient, planting seeds as well as themed craft workshops.
The IV Tomato Fair of La Aldea features the stellar performance of famous traditional group ‘Los Gofiones’
“A gorgeou, adventurous trip to the wild west of the island. Meandering roads, amazing views, a lovely village as well as the beautiful coast of La Aldea. The beach area where they are shooting scenes for the 4th and final season of Tom Clancy’s ‘Jack Ryan’. You can read more about that HERE! “

Saturday 21 may, GáldarFeria del Coleccionismo de Gran Canaria
The 7th Collectables Fair of Gran Canaria, ‘Feria del Coleccionismo de Gran Canaria’ in Gáldar this Saturday.  There are stands dedicated to the world of collecting, both companies related to collecting, as well as private collectors. It is also a place for non-collectors to visit a curious fair of various types of collected objects, which bring back memories of childhood, as well as echoing into the future.
The fair will be open from 10:00 to 18:00 in Plaza de Santiago and you can see various types of collections such as: philatelics (stamp collections), numismatics (coins & medals), toys, key rings, coca cola paraphernalia, star wars memorabilia, film props, autographs, kinder toys, old portable nintendo consoles, currency, tin toys, figures, marine and antique items, militaria and many other items of rare objet d’art…

20-24 May, Gáldar‘Gáldar en Flor’
The Gáldar Town Council celebrates their second edition of the “Gáldar en Flor” exhibition until May 24.
Gáldar in Flower features a sample of flowers and plants that fill the main streets of this ancient pre-hispanic Gran Canarian Royal Capital, in a display of colour and beauty, centred on the emblematic Calle Capitán Quesada.
This is the second spring edition of this event, a new addition to ‘Flower Week’ traditionally held in December, which takes advantage of the great floral variety par excellence giving colour to the historic centre of the municipality.
This exhibition will have the collaboration in its assembly and installation of 15 students from the Construction Labour Foundation in Las Palmas, studying for the gardens professional certificate, in addition to another 15 students from the “Young Gardeners” program of the Young Agrarian Association ASAJA farmers. Also staff from the “Gáldar for Formation 5” program, joined by staff from the Parks and Gardens department of ​​the Gáldar City Council, as well as from other areas of the town hall.
As a novelty in this edition, it will be possible to visit an exhibition of Ikebana, Japanese floral art, by Isidoro Moreno Guillén and Juan Martín Tacoronte, whic

19-24 May, Motor Grande, Puerto Rico de Gran CanariaFiestas Patronales María Auxiliadora
The local patron saint celebrations in honour of Maria Auxiliadora, (Mary, the helper) start on Thursday, May 19 in Motor Grande. The main day of festivities for this little native enclave on the south coast is celebrated next Tuesday, in the small residential neighbourhood from which Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria originated.
On Thursday “Dia del Niño” from 18:00-21:00. A children’s party with activities for the little ones. bouncy castles, face painting, balloon twisting, popular animation characters and music during the afternoon, as well as the magnificent magician Juan Miguel.
On Friday “Noche parrandera” at 21:00. A night of Canarian music with local groups, traditional Canarian clothing etc.
On Saturday  “Holi Colour” Party will begin at 14:00 and is enlivened by Ciara Lauve and DJ Sammyto. The rhythm and celebrations will continue at 23:00 with a festival led by Armonía Show and Paco Guedes, which will include a fireworks display at midnight.
On Sunday  “Daytime festival” with singer Yeray Socorro and in the evening Spanish humour at 20:00 by comedian Ivan El Bastonero and Juan Antonio Cabrera
On Monday an exhibition of the local sports schools and clubs at 19:00 as well as the XIII dessert contest at 20:00.
Tuesday  “The main day of the festivities” at 19:00 a mass will be held in the hermitage of Motor Grande and a religious procession to follow in Honour of Mary Helper of Christians. The festive program will end with a performance by the group Mariachi Peleón at 20:30

20-22 May, El Tablero de MaspalomasFiestas Patronales en honor a la Santísima Trinidad 2022
This lovely local fiesta, the patronal saint celebrations in honour of the Holy Trinity, in the southern residential neighbourhood of El Tablero, on the other side of the GC-1 from Sonnenland, will come to an end this Sunday.

On Friday 20, the XII senior recreational sports encounter in the Pabellón Municipal de Deportes El Tablero at 09:00. There are Children’s activities in the Plaza at 17:00 and then at 18:00, workshop sessions of dance and sports on Plaza de El Tablero. The VIII Dance and sport meeting by the municipal schools Plaza de El Tablero at 19:30 and in the evening at 23:00 Music and humour at Plaza de El Tablero

On Saturday, the Spanish Women’s Triplets Championship – Copa de S.M. La Reina y Campeonato de España de Clubes de la Masculina – Copa de S.M. El Rey -Parque Urbano del Sur at 10:00

and Trans Gran Canaria Bike Parque Urbano del Sur. Plaza de El Tablero hosts a fun Foam Party at 11:00.
At 12:00 Bajada la Rama, the lowering the branch procession (a quirky pre hispanic tradition still included in many of the main island celebrations). Departure of the street procession will be from the parking lot of I.E.S Tablero school and travel via the main streets to the Plaza.
at 18:30 a birthday bash dedicated to all the children at the Plaza de El Tablero
at 22:30 concert “Los Lolas”  and after Party by Star Music Plaza de El Tablero and later at 00:00 Firework exhibition with low noise firework

On Sunday, there is the second round of Spanish Women’s Triplets Championship in Parque Sur at 10:00 as well as a market in Plaza Pepe El Barbero. Solemn eucharist followed by a religious procession at 11:30. Eating the traditional Paella at 14:00 and then at 15:00 Gran Verbena del Solajero with Paco Guedes at Plaza de El Tablero. Later in the evening, at 21:00 end of festivities -Gala in Plaza de El Tablero


20-22 May, Gran CanariaFred. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike
The Fred. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike will be held this weekend from Friday to Sunday.  The new format of the race is in three stages and each one will have only one timed distance. The racers can participate in as many stages as they wish, since each stage has its own classification. The winner of the event will be chosen between the finishers of the three stages and their accumulated rankings.
Transgrancanaria Bike is one of the events included in the schedule of the Gran Canaria Big Events, promoted by the Sports Board of the Island Cabildo. Therefore, it is a race with an international impact and aims to be included among the World’s most renowned mountain bike races.
The goal is to cross Gran Canaria. This is the queen race, the Three Stages, but participants will also be able to choose between cycling the whole event or select individual stages.
Stage 1. Friday, 20 May (16:00). Artenara – MoriscosStage 2. Saturday, 21 May (10:00). Garañón – ChiraStage 3. Sunday, 22 May (10:00). Maspalomas – Maspalomas (start and finish in Parque Sur)

20-22 May, Las Palmas de Gran CanariaITF Beachtennis Gran Canaria 2022
300 players of 20 different nationalities compete in Las Canteras in the 14th edition of the Sand Series Classic ITF Beachtennis Gran Canaria 2022, a tournament belonging to the ITF Beach Tennis World Tour.
Among them, the number one in the world in doubles, the Brazilian, Rafaella Miiler, the number two, the Italian Giulia Gasparri and the Venezuelan Patricia Díaz, third in the beach tennis doubles ranking. The Italian Michele Cappelletti, the best male beach tennis player in the world, Antonio Ramos, from Gran Canaria, current number three in the world, and Tommaso Giovannini, fourth in the world ranking, will also compete. Up to 300 participants from Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, Venezuela, Portugal, Estonia and Latvia, among others.
The Sand Series Classis ITF Beachtennis Gran Canaria 2022 will also have a significant number of Spanish representatives, including an interesting Canarian representation such as Omaira Farías or Grimanesa Santana, who will fight to surprise and get closer to the top positions of this great tournament, in which the players will compete in doubles, singles, sub14, sub18 BT Junior and over 40 years.



Friday is always market day in Playa de Mogán in the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.
On Saturday San Fernando de Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet d‘art and other articles, outside the Municipal Market, located on Avenida Alejandro del Castillo, with bargains for bargain hunters. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán;El Mercadillo de Maspalomas, the main ‘Maspalomas market’  is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.
On Saturday in Arguineguín, a second-hand market on Plaza Negra (the marketplace) in the morning 09:00-14:00 with a wide range preloved treasures to be found and discovered.
On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, is on from 08:00 to 14:00 in the main carpark of the Municipal Market, in San Fernando.
This Sunday, the biweekly Farmers and Handicraft Fair of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is on again. The market is held in the litle urban park, just in the vicinity of the entrance to the Angry Birds Activity Park, from 08:30 -14:30.


Saturday 21 May, VecindarioMercado Agrícola de Vecindario

The biweekly Saturday Agricultural Market in Vecindario still takes place on the main street at the Plaza de Los Algodoneros (next to the Hotel Avenida de Canarias ) ????????????????????  Get the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, bread, flowers and much more, straight from the local farmers and producers.
From 08:30 – 13:30 Plaza de Los Algodoneros
“It is also the perfect opportunity to explore the kilometres-long main street of this neighbourhood, Avenida de Canarias.”


Jazz Festival in Puerto de Mogán 9-21 May
This is the last chance to enjoy the Jazz Festival this Friday and Saturday.
This exquisite annual event is back this year in the most beautiful little harbour on Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogán.
The live music Jazz festival has been held this year with the amazing Richard Leach’s Jazz Band entertaining at the Marina Square Bandstand.
Live music from 19.30 until 23:00


The solo shows of the multitalented Simon Champion from The Champions Duo – Recognised this year in The Canary Awards 2022 Winners

On Saturday – The Pub in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria at 21:30 | There os a good chance that Mrs Champions might be joining too

On Sunday – Barbacoa Gran Canaria in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria at 22:00



#Musicando – La Trova

This Saturday, 21 May a new date for the annual Musicando series, and this time La Trova will be performing in the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium, Parque Doramas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The formation will share “A journey through music”,  combining rhythmic sensations that provoke feelings of joy, peace, love and heartbreak, blending cultures and songs from various places like Italy, France, Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, among others
Starts at 21:00 and it’s with free admission until full capacity


21-22 May, Las Palmas Traditional music and dance 

This Saturday and Sunday, traditional Canarian music and dancing on Plaza de España and in Pueblo Canario. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria revives folk performances in the open air every weekend. These performances will continue to take place every weekend throughout the year (subject to bank holidays).
On Saturday on Plaza de España at 11:00, Agrupación folclórica y Cultural cuerpo de baile Easmo Hernández/Agrupacion de música popular El Sedal 

On Sunday in Pueblo Canario group ‘Chemida’ at 11:00

Hard Rock Cafe in Playa del Inglés
Every night at 21:00. Reservation recommended
On Friday – Queen Tribute by Miracle BandOn Saturday – Rock Classic night by Crossfire



The Canary Guide

The most active house burglar in the south arrested and identified

Guardia Civil from the Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria (Mogán) Main Post have arrested a 54-year-old, with various prior police records, for an alleged ten crimes of robbery with force, committed inside homes located in the south of Gran Canaria, from which he may have obtained a booty of approximately €40,000.


The investigations began last October 2021, after a complaint regarding an alleged robbery with force at a house in the southern resort town of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. However, following that crime, various criminal acts with the similar characteristics began to come to light, that is, they were committed during the same time periods, using a ladder or similar to access the houses by climbing through windows or on to balconies, and when the perpetrator could not access through those means, he kicked doors with enough force to cause them to open.
The Guardia Civil detected a series of indications that always pointed to the same person, apparently corresponding to a middle-aged man who wore clothing and outfits similar to those commonly used by the tourist population, making it extremely difficult for him to be identified in this area.
The frequency of home robberies increased considerably from mid-April, where the alleged perpetrator committed up to four home robberies in the same week, the very last being on April 28, at two homes in the area of Patalavaca.
During these robberies, the alleged perpetrator managed to gain access to a house from which he stole jewellery and a smartwatch, also attempting to access a second home, before he was surprised by a neighbour, a fact that motivated his escape by jumping the fences of a nearby apartment complex, to later flee down a steep slope towards the town of Arguineguín, the witness observed that he had a fairly pronounced limp when getting away.
As a result of the investigations carried out to date and the evidence collected by the Guardia Civil, a suspect was later located at the Emergency Department of a hospital located in Meloneras, where he was receiving medical attention for a broken bone in his foot. The suspect was arrested, as the alleged perpetrator of the earlier theft, and was found to be carrying among his belongings the watch and rings previously stolen, as well as a mobile phone that could be directly related, there and then, to a criminal act. The detainee’s involvement in various other criminal acts has not been ruled out, all of which are still in the investigation phase.
The Guardia Civil made a corresponding police report that was delivered together with the detainee to the Duty Courts of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, which decreed his immediate admission to prison to await trial.


The Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria triathlon and road closures on Saturday 23 April on GC-500 Mogán

The Mogán town council, on the popular southwest of Gran Canaria, has issued several maps to indicate restricted access to various locations, as well as road closures, this Saturday, April 23 between 06:00-14:00.
Likewise, the town hall have made their apologies for any inconvenience these measures may cause. This year, the Mogan Gran Canaria Challenge has been divided into two sporting events, the first of which took place on 2 April, when the GC-500 old national road was closed for a morning between Anfi and Amadores. This Saturday, the Challenge hosts a half distance and relay, again closing GC-500 to traffic between Anfi and Taurito.



Vehicle access to Anfi del Mar and Los Caideros will be completely closed off, as this is the transition area for ​​the cycling tests, with only restricted access, controlled by the police, to be allowed.

In this area, for safety reasons, pedestrians must move only through marked areas. A temporary stop for public passenger transport will be installed in this area.


Balito area, access to the Marina Elite Balito complex is to be closed from 06:00 to 14:00 with exceptions for urgent and pressing need

❇ The accesses and departure points for workers and tourist transfers to the airport  will be carried out under the supervision of the Local Police, up until 7:30 a.m.


Access to the Agua la Perra area will be restricted, with use only permitted for well justified reasons, such as by public transport services,  Policia Local Agents will be in charge of regulating traffic in the area. Drivers must anticipate that access to this area through the GC-500 roundabout, confluence with calle Juan Díaz Rodríguez, can only be crossed when authorised by Local Police agents.





In the lower area of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, for which the GC-500 must be crossed, access will be restricted. It can only be done by vehicle in cases that are strictly necessary or deemed essential, following the instructions of the agents who are regulating traffic. It is recommended that, as far as possible, the public to park on Avenida Tomás Roca Bosch and nearby, then cross to the lower area near the beach on foot, making use of the underground subway passage that is in the area, to avoid crossing at the same level as the place where this major sporting event takes precedence over pedestrian access for the safety of both.
❇ Access and departures for workers and tourist transfers to the airport will be carried out will be until 8:00 a.m. under the supervision of the Local Police.

Restrictions in AmadoresFor its part, access to the Amadores area will be through the interior of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria using Avenida de la Cornisa to Calle Timanfaya, Calle Tenerife and Calle San Borondón, going down Calle Ministra Anna Lindh to the parking area that exists in the upper part of Amadores. To get out, you will have to drive along Calle Montaña Clara Street to Avenida Cornisa and join the GC-1 from Puerto Rico.


Restrictions will be in place from 06:00 to 14:00 for access to Tauro, El Platero and Playa del Cura. Access can only be allowed in cases of emergency or high priority need, during the sports event, so residents must anticipate that, on April 23, and schedule their day according to the road closures of the route, which will be from 06:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

❇ Access and departure of workers and tourist transfers to the airport will be allowed until 7:30 a.m. under the supervision of the Local Police.


Vehicle access to Los Frailes, Medio Almud and Tiritaña beaches will be closed between 06:00 and 14:00 on Saturday, April 21.

Access to Taurito by the GC-500 will be closed. The main GC-1 highway should be used as an alternative route, remembering that in order to move to the Puerto de Mogán and Mogán valley area, you must go back towards Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, in the Las Palmas direction, and then change direction back toward Mogán. Access to the lower area of ​​Taurito will be open as usual.



Suspected thief arrested in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria with fake id and possible counterfeit money

Agents of the Citizen Security Unit (USECI) of the General Corps of the Canarian Police  on the afternoon of Friday, April 15, arrested an individual for an alleged crime of robbery with force at a house in the south western tourist resort town of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. The man had been seen trying force several locks on doors of an apartment complex in the municipality of Mogán.


Agents discovered, among the belongings this individual was carrying, a Spanish DNI identity card that did not belong to him, that he apparently used to impersonate someone else.
They located banknotes of various denominations, which, it is believed, may be counterfeits, which they seized for the purpose of making them available to the Forensic Documentation Experts and Documentary Experts of the General Corps of the Canarian Police for their assessment.


42 year old arrested in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria on suspicion of setting fire to neighbour’s car

The Guardia Civil Main Post in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Mogán, arrested a 42-year-old last March 11, allegedly the perpetrator of the crimes of arson and damage having set fire to their neighbour’s car causing damage to a residential complex belonging to a Community of the Property Owners in the town. The events occurred during the early hours of February 26, when the Puerto Rico Civil Guard were alerted to an incident at a duplex located on Calle Valencia, where a vehicle was on fire.


At the scene they documented a complaint (denuncia) and carried out an investigation of the facts. Subsequently, the complainant pressed charges, which led the president of the community, to also report the alleged forcing of a door into a room belonging to the community of apartments.
The allegations were directly related, and so the police made inquiries based on a technical visual inspection of the vehicle, in conjunction with the appearance of possible witnesses, and analysis of images provided by the community itself.
With all this, it was possible to determine that the perpetrator of the vehicle fire had also forced the doors of the community room, and that the suspect’s family lives in the house next door to the apartment where the car was set on fire and that they were in the family home on the weekend in question, allowing investigators to verify how the suspect allegedly forced the door of the community room and later caused the fire, setting light to the gasoline tank, which damaged the rear of the vehicle.
Differences between the family of the alleged perpetrator and the community of owners appear to have been the motive behind the arson attack.
Thankfully there were no major repercussions or damage to the property, and nobody was injured, due to the rapid action of the Guardia Civil patrol and later to the local Fire Brigade, given that the burning vehicle was parked in a private car park in front of the house, just in front of its only entrance, which could have prevented residents from leaving if the flames had spread to the dwelling itself.
Once the police report was completed, the alleged perpetrator was arrested, and placed at the disposal of the Duty Magistrates Court of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.


Puerto Bello complex claims €1million in damages from Canary Islands Government

The owners of the Puerto Bello apartment complex, in the popular tourist town of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, are claiming nearly one million euros from the Canary Islands Government for damages caused by some of a group of unaccompanied migrant minors who were being sheltered there for several months, ostensibly under the guardianship of the Canary Islands Regional Autonomous Executive.
Featured Image: Puerto Bello damage, Image by @Rafaleonortega/CanariasAhora


According to the owners, some of the damage stemmed from the disturbances that took place on February 8 2021, which were allegedly organised by a man who had falsely claimed to be a minor.  Sources from the Ministry of Social Rights have explained to independent news portal CanariasAhora that when the person suspected of being responsible for the riot was arrested, it was quickly proven that he was in fact of legal age.
Several adults were suspected to be among the more than two thousand foreign children who arrived alone on the Canary Islands throughout 2020, a problem that grew in the Archipelago at the same time as unprecedented numbers of migrant arrivals were  not able to be removed or to leave of their own volition, due to pandemic restrictions in place at the time. The main cause of these adults being placed among children in care was identified as being initial errors by the National Police at the point of first contact and the subsequent lengthy delays in carrying out age determination tests and obtaining the results. This prevented many youths, being cared from by the state, from being able to be sent to school until their age was officially determined.
In fact, on the very same day that these disturbances occurred, misplaced adults were suspected of causing problems, which we had explained at the time following one of our many visits to this centre, and others, in the area:
“95 percent” of current problems in migrant minor accommodations caused by those suspected to really be adults

Hermanos Medina La Herradura SL, who own the Puerto Bello complex, will demand the payment of the damages by administrative means, from the autonomous community, withdrawing their private accusation in the case against the young Moroccan whose trial was to be held this Tuesday at the Provincial Court of Las Palmas, but which was suspended due to a failure to summon some of the witnesses, according to sources from the Prosecutor’s Office.
The lawyer for the complex, Álvaro Campanario, pointed out that the Prosecutor’s Office are claiming €10,092 worth of damage caused in the attempted riot, allegedly incited and led by the accused Ahmed H., but that there were many more incidents that occurred in the apartments during the nine months it was being used as a temporary reception centre for unaccompanied minors arriving by boat.
The contract between Puerto Bello and the Regional Government expired on July 31 with the complex once again beginning to operate as tourist accommodation, as of the end of 2021, according to court papers.
During the time the property was assigned as an accommodation centre for unaccompanied migrant minors, it was under the supervision of the NGO, Fundación Respuesta Social Siglo XXI, who since 2001 have provided services and infrastructure in the field of childhood and youth social care, developing programs that range from educational and residential care for minors to the management of Nursery Schools, through the implementation of training and employment promotion programs for the young.
The young Moroccan on trial faces up to five years in prison accused of crimes of public disorder, in competition with attack and causing damage, having allegedly led a small rampage through the facility, in the company of other residents, all minors, on the night of February 8, 2021.  Full responsibility for the disturbances on that night have been placed squarely on the shoulders of the accused man, who had misrepresented himself as also being a minor, and who should not have been among the unaccompanied youths who were being cared for at the facility.
According to the Public Prosecutor’s accusation, the defendant, carrying a wooden leg torn from a bed in one of the rooms, and in the company of four other minors – who also carried chains, wooden sticks and broken glass – intimidated the young residents of the complex, the vast majority of whom would not join their violent revolt, though he managed to get about twenty to follow him and make trouble.
As a result of that night’s events, the defendant and the other minors caused damage to every floor of the Puerto Bello complex, breaking the glass in doors and windows, breaking all kinds of furniture and appliances, electrical outlets and light sockets, say the Prosecutor’s Office in their brief.
The charges include details of how some minors threw objects, such as microwaves, chairs and tables, from the balconies of the rooms on the upper floors, to the lower ones, causing the educators present at the centre to have to hide to avoid being injured while they waited for the arrival of the security forces.
The agents, when they appeared at the complex, observed the placement of barricades built with chairs, microwaves and glass smashed on the floor, the perpetrators having spilled soapy water to try to prevent access and their arrest, which took several hours, says the indictment.
Unsubstantiated accusations of a failure to protect children
An anonymous complaint, purporting to be from a group of workers at the centre, claimed that there had been some evidence of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation among the vulnerable residents, which occurred both inside and outside the establishment. According to the text, to which CanariasAhora has had access, at least three minors from the centre were suspected to have practiced some form of prostitution, both inside the establishment and also outside, with adults in the local area.
According to these reports of unchecked exploitation, at least one minor was said to have also suffered sexual abuse, perpetrated by adults incorrectly accommodated there, who, despite the fact that their legal age had already been proven, had not yet been referred to another adult reception facility elsewhere in the Archipelago.
The complainants furthermore claimed that the management of the centre were aware of these facts, but that they had “refused to request diagnostic tests for sexually transmitted diseases for the minors.” And it was this, theoretically, that motivated the complaint emailed to the Canary Islands social services and to the local town hall.
It was specifically this anonymous complaint that led the Government of the Canary Islands to order two urgent inspections, which did not manage to obtain any proof the veracity of the accusations. A few days after the document became known in the media, the Las Palmas Prosecutor’s Office, through their Minors’ Section, called for those responsible for the appeal to testify.
Minors continue to be moved from Puerto Rico while prosecutors investigate anonymous allegations

Puerto Bello investigation looks more closely as it emerges current director is newly appointed



TUI confirms high tourism expectations for the summer with longer stays and higher spending

The world’s largest tour operator, TUI Group, communicated on Thursday morning, to the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands. its strong commitment to the islands, confirming good expectations for the summer, with the arrival of tourists who will enjoy longer stays and spend more on vacations.


Regional Tourism Minister, Yaiza Castilla received the news, in a meeting held on Thursday morning, attended by the CFO of TUI Group, Sebastian Ebel; the CEO of Markets and Airlines, David Burling; and the director of Purchasing, Helen Caron, as well as the managing director of Tourism Board for the Canary Islands, Promotur, José Juan Lorenzo.

“The Canary Islands are a very reliable destination that has come out stronger, that has known how to do things well and that is better than before the pandemic,” explained Sebastian Ebel, who in fact announced that for the first time, this year, they will have more business in the summer than in winter on the islands.

The company’s finance director explained that they anticipate the summer season will bring 1.3 million tourists to the archipelago, the same number as before the pandemic, although with significant changes since these visitors will now on average extend their stay by at least one more day, going from 9.5 overnight stays to 10.5, and are spending 20% more on average on their vacations due to booking higher quality rooms. “The destination has been able to take advantage of these two years of tourist ups and downs to improve its facilities and its offer, and make higher-class establishments available to customers,” acknowledged Mister Ebel.
For Ebel, the work carried out by Turismo de Canarias has given rise to a destination that has all the necessary ingredients to be more successful than before the pandemic, even despite the war unleashed in Ukraine. “Although the war is turning out to be a nightmare, fortunately it is not having the expected impact on tourism as a whole, with the exception of countries like Poland or Finland, which are closer to the conflict,” he said.
TUI Group figures
TUI is the leading tourism group in Europe and one of the most important worldwide. It has a presence in more than 140 countries, has five airlines (TUI UK, TUI Netherlands, TUI Belgium, TUIfly (Germany) and TUI Nordic), 150 aircraft, three cruise ship companies with 16 ships, 1,600 travel agencies and a workforce made up of more 70,000 employees, of which a thousand are based in the Canary Islands, where the tour operator boasts 29 hotels.
The group has a greater presence in Germany and the United Kingdom, although it is also important in the Nordic countries and in central Europe.
With regard to the Canary Islands, in 2019, the pre-pandemic year, the five TUI airlines transported 2.5 million people to the Canary Islands from different European countries, which represented 14.2% of the total number of passengers arriving on the islands.
Regional councillor Yaiza Castilla meets with Chief Finance Officer of tourism giant, TUI, Sebastian Ebel, who announced that this summer season they plan to transport 1.3 million tourists to the archipelago, who will extend their stay, on average, by one more day and spend 20% more than before the pandemic
“TUI is fully aligned with our sustainability strategy, which is why we have created a working group to continue advancing together on this path with which we intend to increase the quality and not the quantity of our tourism”, explains Castilla.
“The Canary Islands are a destination that has all the necessary ingredients to be successful, even despite the war in Ukraine which, although it is turning out to be a nightmare, fortunately is not having the expected impact on tourist activity,” assured Ebel.


Mogán Policia Local track down and arrest two pickpockets in Puerto Rico

Mogán Policia Local say they stopped and arrested two pickpockets last week, after a day of surveillance, having received reports from Playa de Mogán, and subsequently a tourist whose belongings had been allegedly stolen in a pool bar, in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, the tourist resort town where they were eventually intercepted.


Puerto de Mogán control tower operators reported to the Policia Local the identity of two men suspected of being pickpockets. Hours later, an agent reported a possible pickpocketing, at the main Global bus stop, which he managed to photograph. The identity match was confirmed by the person in charge of the station, who was also able to confirm that the two men had left the scene in a vehicle.
Minutes later, Policia Local received a call from a bar near the beach in Puerto Rico, reporting the theft of a wallet from one of their clients, who had been enjoying the day with his family. His belongings included £300, bank cards and a driving license.
At about the same time, Guardia Civil intercepted the car carrying the suspected pickpockets, on Avenida Tomas Roca Bosch and requested the presence of Policia Local officers to carry out alcohol and drug detection tests. There the victim of the crime recognised the alleged perpetrator in the passenger seat of the stopped vehicle, who was arrested after an inspection of the vehicle uncovered the stolen belongings, which could be immediately returned to their owner.
Policia Local required the driver’s driving license, but he stated that he did not have one and only provided an illegible document where his driving license number was supposed to appear. He was also asked to do alcohol and drug tests, which he repeatedly refused.
Faced with this situation, a crime against road safety, the driver delivered an identity card from his country of origin but did not prove a place of residence on the island, essential to guarantee his location when his presence before the judicial authority is necessary, and therefore, he too was arrested.