The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health have confirmed a cumulative total of 1,380 cases of coronavirus COVID-19. Of these, 532 people have required hospitalisation and 110 of those have needed the ICU. 77 have been discharged from hospital and 62 have died. There are 277 healthcare personnel affected by coronavirus.

Number of cases by islands

Tenerife has detected 826 positive cases, Gran Canaria 384, Fuerteventura 32, Lanzarote 59, La Palma 68, El Hierro 3, La Gomera 8, La Graciosa 0.

Deceased by islands

Tenerife: 42
Gran Canaria: 15
Lanzarote: 3
Fuerteventura: 0
La Palma: 2
La Gomera: 0
El Hierro: 0

The Ministry of Health has emphasised the importance of maintaining maximum confinement and personal distancing to prevent the most vulnerable people from becoming ill. This is particularly important for immunosuppressed patients, diabetics, people with chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney or neuromuscular disease, or people with cancer.