• • The departure operation at the quarantined hotel on Tenerife is continuing, with restrictive measures, and by Sunday morning 643 people had already left the premises

The Canary Islands Health Department have confirmed 18 positive cases of corona virus COVID-19 along with three medical discharges, meaning an accumulated total of 21 cases. Of these, 13 are in Tenerife, four in Gran Canaria and one in Fuerteventura.

Of the 13 cases on Tenerife, six were part of the initial group of Italian citizens who are hospitalised on Tenerife, of which five are asymptomatic and one has symptoms. The next group of four people on Tenerife is made up of an Italian citizen who travelled to the affected area of his country and three of his close or direct contacts, all of whom are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms and are now isolated in their homes.

There are three further cases of Tenerife citizens with no apparent relationship between them. One person who has been hospitalised on Tenerife has presented some symptoms and had contact with Italian visitors; another person is in isolation at home and had recently returned from the affected area; and one last person is in isolation at home without any symptoms at present but who had presented them having recently travelled, but not to the affected areas, and whose case is still being studied.

On Gran Canaria, the cases are limited to the four citizen citizens in Arinaga, Agüimes, three of them in home isolation with mild symptoms, the first one having been hospitalised. The Fuerteventura case concerns a Canary Islander who is currently asymptomatic and has been placed in isolation at home and who had recently returned from the affected area of Italy.

Finally, three medical discharges: a British citizen who had been staying at the hotel on the south of Tenerife, a  La Gomera resident who had travelled to Italy and the very first initial case in Spain, the German citizen in La Gomera, who appears now to have made a full recovery.

By Sunday morning more than six hundred people had been allowed to leave the hotel where they have been quarantined for nearly two weeks, so long as they met three requirements: asymptomatic, presenting no symptoms; that they have been tested and are negative of corona virus at least 24 hours before their departure and that their country is willing to take charge of their journey home and deploy subsequent health measures if any are required.

Information lines

The Canary Islands Government’s Health Department free telephone line (900 112 061) is open, where a Nursing team, under the coordination of the SUC Canary Islands Emergency Service, are responding to requests for information from citizens about prevention measures, possibilities of contagion and dealing with myths related to the virus.

In addition, citizens are reminded that people, who think that they may have symptoms related to corona virus (coughing, sore throat, temperature and feeling short of breathe) and in particular who have returned in the last 14 days from any of the risk areas or who have been in contact with anyone who has come from these areas, should telephone 112, and avoid going straight to the primary healthcare centres or hospital accident and emergency departments.

The staff at the main multilingual 112 Emergency Coordination Centre can arrange a home visit to take samples if need be, although the population is also asked to use this resource rationally and only when the above conditions are met.


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