Twenty-six people, apparently of Maghrebi and Subsaharan origin, half of them minors, were discovered coming ashore on Saturday afternoon, May 4, from a patera (open boat), which had possibly come from the Maghreb region, landing between the beaches of Meloneras and Pasito Blanco on the south coast of Gran Canaria, according to a report from the Red Cross, none needed medical attention.

The vessel was detected shortly before 7:00 pm near Meloneras beach, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, when the main 112 Canarian Government Centre for Security and Emergency Coordination mobilized and deployed various emergency and security services offer humanitarian assistance the occupants, who had been witnessed dispersing as soon as they made land fall, before security services were able to locate them and assess their situation.

They were provided blankets, dry clothes and food, without it being necessary to transfer any of them to medical centres.