The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, along with the councilors of Rural Development and Environment, Ernesto Hernandez, and Maintenance of Public Roads, José Martín, checking the improvement of the plot.

A 5,000 square meter public plot of Mogán land, next to the village of Veneguera, has been cleared specifically for tree planting after the summer. The projected has been financed with about €5,000 from the “Green Forestry Fund” of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. Mogán has thereby become the first municipality on the Island to carry out ravine reforestation, as part of the the island government’s wider reforestation project.

Several tons of rubbish, solid waste and plant debris were removed along with remnants of the 2007 fire that occurred across the island and which had still not been removed, said a press release from the local town council.

Invasive species in the area, such as the tuneras cactus, have also been removed from the land.

After completing this first phase of clearing and removal of waste, the project will continue on this plot after the summer, when a second phase will begin, aimed specifically towards reforestation using native flora such as tabaibas, cardones and other indigenous seedlings. Waiting until after the summer season should help to ensure that the new plant life can be well established through the coming winter season.

The financing from the Green Forestry Fund also includes another clearing and reforestation of ravines project for the Mogán area around Las Filipinas, in the Barranco de Arguineguín.

Cardón Canario