Policia Nacional have arrested a British man of 28 years of age and a British woman of 32,  after they allegedly scammed a hotel complex on the south of Gran Canaria. The detainees apparently left their hotel without paying the bill after spending their holidays on the island. They were located at Gran Canaria airport as they were about to take a flight back to the United Kingdom .

A complaint from the management at a hotel complex in southern Gran Canaria stated that a couple of British nationality had left their facilities without paying the amount owed of €793 after having stayed at the accommodation for their holidays.

After checking that the couple had indeed removed all their belongings from the interior of the hotel room, the police travelled to the airport where the culprits were located as they tried to board a flight back to the UK.

There they were arrested by officers under suspicion of being the alleged perpetrators of a scam and were transferred to police headquarters.

When the corresponding police report was issued, the detainees were placed at the disposal of the competent Judicial Authority.

The intervention was carried out by agents of the Maspalomas Police Station.