Snow, hail and rain are all words which few people associate with the Canary Islands nor with Gran Canaria.

Nevertheless  thousands of Canarians and tourists have,  against all advice, in this last week climbed to the summits so as to witness the wintery white mantle that currently covers the island’s highest peaks.

Social networks have been filled with various snapshots, but arguably none so beautiful as this exquisite photograph that appears to have gone viral across the internet, captured by the founder of popular tourism website GranCanariaInfo, Dutch national Lex Thoonen,  which he actually took several years ago.

More than any other image, Lex appears to have summed up this unexpected paradox and furthered his fame as one of this island’s most prolific documentarians.  Shot from beautiful Agaete on the north west of Gran Canaria, where he has a home, it shows an epic view of Spain‘s highest summit, Mount Teide, from across the 40 km expanse that separates our subtropical paradise from the neighboring island of Tenerife.

With the local press a buzz, this is the image that most people will remember whenever anyone talks of snow in paradise again.

An extraordinary shot, by an extraordinary artist. You can find more of his amazing photography and videography on his many web sites… including