The municipality of Mogán begin their Christmas program on Friday 15th of December. This year events are happening in many neighbourhoods around the municipality; in Arguineguín, Mogán Casco (Pueblo de Mogán), Playa de Mogán, Motor Grande, El Horno, Veneguera, Barranquillo Andrés, Las Filipinas and Puerto Rico. The official Christmas program runs until January 5, 2018 with parades, concerts, carols, markets and lots of activities for the younger ones.

One of the novelties this year is ‘Mogán Nocturno’, which will be held on Friday, December 29, in Pueblo de Mogán and that will include a handicrafts & gastronomy fair, a second hand market, live music, a space for wines and tapas, and activities for young people and children including a play area and a “games party” with video games.

Friday 15 December; the lighting of Christmas lights in Playa de Mogán is at 20:30, Plaza Dr. Pedro Betancor León (known as Plaza del Sol before) just before the bridge, followed by the presentation of the program of activities and a music concert from “Los Faycanes”

Saturday 16 December; in Arguineguín from 12:00-19:00 the ‘Dinamiza Arguineguín’ event, will promote the open commercial zone with live music, children’s activities and a shop window contest.

That evening in Pueblo de Mogán the inauguration of an ornamental nativity scene in the church at 20:30 as well as Christmas carols sung by various music groups

Sunday 17 December; in Arguineguín, at Plaza Pérez Galdós a musical starting at 19:30 entitled “Bajo del mar” (Under the sea)

Tuesday 19 December; a show for children “La ratita presumida” (The smug little rat) in Playa de Mogán starting at 19:00 in Plaza Dr. Pedro Betancor.

Wednesday 20 December; in Playa de Mogán, in the open commercial zone, there is a Christmas market between 13:00-22:00 and the afternoon includes a music performance from 18:30, a tapas and skewer contest at 20:00 and a treasure hunt contest at 20:30

A Christmas concert at the church of Pueblo Mogán (casco) starting at 19:00 from the local art schools.

Thursday 21 December; in Mogán Casco, a musical “El Flautista de Hamelin” in parque Nicolas Quesada (in front of the town hall ) starting at 19:00

Friday 22 December; in Motor Grande Plaza, an afternoon for children, with Christmas workshops, bouncy castles, videogames etc. from 17:00 to 20:00

In Arguineguin at 19:00 the local art school perform “Nutcracker” in Plaza Pérez Galdós. At 20:00 a lovely little street parade from Plaza Pérez Galdós to Plaza de los Túnidos. At 20:30 a Christmas Festival by the skating club ‘Arays’ on the outside court of the Da Silva sports complex.

In El Horno, at the centro sociocultural a clown show starting at 17:30

Saturday 23 December; At the Plaza in Barranquillo Andres an afternoon for children, with Christmas workshops, bouncy castles, videogames etc. from 16:00 to 19:00 and in Arguineguin church, Christmas carols at 21:00

Sunday 24 December; A Christmas farmers market in Puerto Rico, from 08:30-14:00 with live music performance, a Christmas basket raffle with fresh products as well as a visit from Santa Claus.

Christmas Eve Mass : Arguineguín church at 20:00 and Mogán Casco at 19:30

Monday 25 December; Christmas mass : Arguineguin church at 12:00 and Playa de Mogán at 10:00

Veneguera will once again welcome visitors to their famous traditional living nativity scene. Now in its 32nd edition, Veneguera’s living nativity scene will once again be a unique spectacle where traditional Canarian professions and chores will be performed and represented.

At 17:30 Christmas mass in the church and at 19:00 Bélen Viviente Canario

Tuesday 26 December; Mogán casco, parque Nicólas Quesada ,  children’s and youth activities between 11:00-14:00 and 16:00-19:00, In Filipinas park, children activities 17:00-20:00 with Christmas workshops, bouncy castles, videogames etc and in Motor Grande in Puerto Rico, a clown show at the Centro sociocultural at 18:00

Wednesday 27 December; Arguineguin in Plaza Pérez Galdós starting at 19:00 “Hansel & Gretel” a musical (in Spanish) tickets 3€ (can be purchased between 18-19 from the plaza on the day of the event.)

Thursday 28 December; Arguineguín in Plaza Pérez Galdós children’s and youth activities between 11:00-14:00 and 16:00-19:00.

Friday 29 December; Mogan Casco between 19:00-00:00 (Calle San José, Parque Nicolas Quesada, Plaza Sarmiento Coto) the “Mogán Nocturno” event  with a handicrafts and gastronomy fair, second hand market, live music, a space for wines and tapas as well as activities for young people and children with a play area and a “game party” with video games.

Saturday 30 December;  in Playa de Mogán at Plaza Gañanias, activities for children and youth between 11:00-14:00 and 16:00-19:00. In El Horno children’s activities between 17:00-20:00 with Christmas workshops, bouncy castles, videogames etc. At 20:00 in Barranquillo Andres Plaza a concert by “El Patillas”

New Year 

End of the year celebrations will be held at several points throughout the municipality. In Arguineguín, a tent installed at Plaza Pérez Galdós will feature several performances by different music groups.  In Playa de Mogán at Plaza Dr. Pedro Betancor León a new year’s festival will also have music performances and Pueblo de Mogán, the traditional 12 grapes will also be eaten and the end of year party will be enjoyed with Güira Latina, Furia Joven and DJ Juanjo.

The Three Kings  ´Los Reyes´

After the New Year celebrations, the children in Playa de Mogán will be able to enjoy a small street parade, starting at 17:30, on Wednesday (3rd) from Avda Los Marreros (shopping centre) to Plaza Dr Pedro Betancor León where they will be able to deliver their letters to a royal page and enjoy a clown spectacle.

The children in Pueblo de Mogán will be able to deliver their letters on Thursday (4th) during a lovely event with activities for children in Parque Nicolas Quesada starting at 18:00.

Friday 5 December  The King’s Fair in Arguineguín from 17:00-21:00 will be in Plaza Pérez Galdós, during which the Three Kings will arrive by boat and will make a tour of the town, from Avenida de Las Marañuelas to Plaza Pérez Galdós, where they will collect the letters and their Majesties will receive the key to the municipality from the mayor.

The traditional Auto de Reyes Magos, a religious event, which will be held on Friday at San Antonio Church in Mogan Casco at 20:30, will end the Christmas program for the municipality of Mogán.